"It's not really poetry but it's pretty " he said.
As he raises his voice she lowers her head.
"It makes my heart heavy you're lonely I think.
Oh Rose you're sad I suppose."
"Look in her bed and she's bound to be sleeping.
She's lying there dead. No she's breathing."
Furious Rose with your opiate eyes
Your languorous hum that tone of surprise
I've heard energy in adversity.
Your smile: the soul of witchery.
You're not running away,
You're not running, are you?
Lyrically longing, she's tearing the words from the page.
She's fearfully seething.
"Bring me your blessings, a prayer, or a new pen.
You don't know what I need."
"Look in my bed and I'm bound to be sleeping,
I'm lying there dead, but I'm breathing.
And I'm barely balancing as it is,
And I don't want to drown in my dreams
Bring me wild plums and acrimony
I bet you don't even know what that means."
Furious Rose with your opiate eyes,
Your languorous hum, that tone of surprise.
I've heard energy in adversity.
Your smile: the soul of witchery.
You're not running away,
You're not running, are you?
Gingerly peering, over his shoulder, removed herself from the room.
She's terribly freezing, she always knows when to go.

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Furious Rose Lyrics as written by Lisa A. Loeb


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    General Comment
    Quote from Lisa Loeb: "Furious Rose is another song touched by the orchestra. I wrote it about Freud and a woman he is trying to show is clinically crazy, but she's actually just depressed and misunderstood. I tried to make the verses intricate and Victorian and the choruses more emotional. When I heard the arrangement for the first time, I imagined a woman running through a dark forest."
    Onlineon June 05, 2004   Link
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    i don't think this about a drugged up person at all, I think this is just someone lonely and looking for someone to show them how to be happy, but no one can see how lonely they are.
    Jaddhaon April 12, 2006   Link
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    From a fansite, a quote from Lisa regarding the bit about wild plums and agrimony: "Wild Plums and Agrimony are flowers. In the song I reference a Victorian dictionary of flowers, which explains that different flowers represent different things. Wild Plums represent independence, and Agrimony represents thankfulness and gratitude. In the song, Freud misdiagnoses Rose as a hysterical woman. Rose is a misunderstood individual, so she is begging for these flowers, obvious symbols of the qualities that she possesses, but qualities that are ignored by the doctor. Rose is a subtle and emotionally substantial person, but she's being pigeonholed as a crazy person. She needs something to represent these traits for her, since Freud can't see them in her. He talks down to her and doesn't take her seriously, and she's frustrated. That's why she says, "I bet you don't even know what that means." A man as smart as Freud should know the symbolic meaning of something as simple as a flower, but inside, she knows that he's ignorant in some ways - his eyes are not open, even though he acts as if he can analyze her." When I read this quote, it made me fall in love with this song even more. Very clever way to illustrate a person's traits.
    delialon February 20, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    Pretty straight forward song I think. Rose is a heroin addict (opiate eyes) ie dilated pupils. Agrimony is a member of the rose family of flowers by the way!
    Onlineon June 05, 2004   Link

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