As we emerge from the woodwork
Step in to the front
Take control
Its like clockwork
Well I knock first
To pre-warn of my presence
About to enter
And overflow the trauma center
So recommend ya to think twice
FitnRedi dishin out rhymes by the slice
But of course
There's a price
For everything now
And with the beats from Kemo
They're made to entice
The fealin of temptation
And the thoughts of should I or shouldn't I
Gotcha complicated
Yea, the rhyme's stated
Opposition can't debate it
The jealous hate it
While the ignorance is there
Rated are for Renegade
Red-1 rock steady
Connect wit the fit
Never miss cause we ready
To grab the mic
And show you who got the clout
Dwell, drown last minute in this world title bout
So sound the bell
An lets do this
Whoever got bones to pick
Like an archiologist
Speak now
While we be on the topic
And if not
Shut ya mouth while we drop it

When I plan my attack I doubt that ya ready
Red-1 and Misfit come into this we rock steady
When I plan my attack I doubt that ya ready
So think it over before you make moves of a soldier

I snatch the mic
With the blindedness
Speed of the mantis
Pray my things don't cross ya path
For bigets
Were in my favor
The closer we stand
To dividedly running
Is my specialty
So test me
Show inflexability
Rappin and kickin simple similies
At all you lazy
And to the non beleiver
Its the one and only
None of the rest
Run parallel to me
Like an analogy
I got to be
Coming in first
Its my hobbie
So the last one of the block
Simply cause I'm cocky
A butterfly stinging like a ??????
I told you long time
You must go down
Before my science
Leavin you deaf
Comin blind

Set of this ritual while burnin insence
Drop to my knees
Ask for guidance while on the offense
The dead presidents
The obligations to my soul
Leavin to stratigics
Its all mind control
Self discipline
With ambition be my conditionin
Never missin
For all opposition
And that's straight up
Because this ain't no joke
You gots to be fitnredi
We ain't gentle folks
We be renegades
proceed to engage and rock
Never failed a class class
Sound like we's down wit Pac
Shit still on lock
And figure four got the stock
Plus we the foundation for these dreaded juggernauts
Who got world domination on the mind
Done to our design
East 33rd's the first place that i'll be in my shrine
Steady train
Keep fit and maintain
Master Red-1 renegade
True to this game


Its just one a them thangs
You know
don't take it personal
And if you do
When ya coming
Bring ya arsenal
Who don't take heed
Indeed will feel
You need conditionin
Go get the lyrics of steel
And take a listenin
You see you nothin but a tourist
In the land of the fittest
You just a low life forest
Hip Hop stranger
Now ain't nothin that can save ya
Cause ya buck up in a Red
Now ya in a danger

Same goes for Misfit
Rockin ya will like a manger
So baby listen
And then
I am the player
Who is most valuable
Reckin with the flows that's infalable
It be
The lyrical contortionist
Misfit along side Red-1
Get it heated real quick
So don't forget
Cause jack be nimble
With the rhyme
Bringin you to the floor that one lst time


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Fitnredi Lyrics as written by Cristian Marcelo Bahamonde Barry Patrick Leonard

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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