The curch-bells and the razor-blades

A rainy day, she's alone in her room
Drowned by the pale light of the moon
She's starring at the scarves on her wrist
Where do I come from and where will I go ?
Is there anything on the other side?
She closes the curtains and turns off the light

Schimmernde Rasierklingen
Flüstern ihr
Verlockende Dinge zu
Sie wispern
Sieh nur,
Wie schön wir funkeln!
Wir ritzen deine Haut
Ohne dass du etwas davon spürst
Wir lieben dich!
Komm mit uns !

She watches herself in a clouded mirror
She hopes it won't hurt too much
Everything seems to be so sharp and clear
Is this life real or is it just a dream ?
An intermediate station on the way to eternity
The water's warm and cosy to her skin

Kühle Kacheln glänzen dunkel
Im trüben Licht der Lampe
Die Rasierklingen sind ganz nah
Du bist so süß
Unter deinen schwarzen Haarstränen
Hab keine Angst
Wenn du dich auf die Reise begibst
Wir sind bei dir
Wir streicheln zärtlich deinen Puls
Und führen dich in eine Welt
Ohne Tränen
Wir lieben dich!
Komm mit uns!
Wir lieben dich!
Komm jetzt!

And she feels the sound
Of the mighty curch-bells
Ignore the deceiving razor-blades
They are slaves of the Evil One
Do you really think
Your mission is done in this world?
You're so young
And there are many thing you haven't seen yet

Many experiences
You still have not made !
If you leave us now
You'll never come back
There's no return
No return!

Hey little girl, do you believe in god?
Do you believe in the material world?
Do you believe in anything at all?
Do you believe in everlasting love?
Do you believe in the stars above?
Do you believe in anything at all?

Und das Wässer färbt sich rot

Lyrics submitted by xxxDARKIRISxxx

The church-bells and the razor-blades song meanings
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