Silent death. Toxic rain
Biological fallout destroys everything
Nothing can survive the chemical bath
It kills everything lying in its path

Its Armageddon day (X2)

No more cops. No more crime
No more petty problems to plague mankind
This was the war to end all wars
There's nobody left to fight any more

Happy birthday it's been a year
So much has happened since you were first engineered
You used to be a common Anthrax
Now the Pentagon wants you for a chemical attack
They knew their virus could be much more
So they made you an agent in their chemical war
They made you stronger and much more deadly
And kept you cultured until you were ready

Happy birthday. You're gonna die (X2)

The day you arrived on that petri dish
The lab boys knew you could grant their last wish
So they softened you up with radiation
And got your genes ready for manipulation

Its now a year later, and your time has come
To be dropped from above in a giant germ bomb
To level the entire battle field
By making everyone die after making them ill

As loved ones fell to the deadly sickness
Predators robbed them for their meekness
There are no mutants in this brave new world
There is no bright new future for these lost boys and girls

What flag were they holding with so much pride?
As bombs were exploding and they burned from inside
What were they thinking as the bullets rang by
What courage did God give them when it came time to die?


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