Heldrasil, O Heldrasil

Den dimholjda gudinnan Hel
i nio varldar styr.
Pa Gjallarbron, i alven Gjoll
de doda soker Dig.

Allt for manga infor Dig fortvivla,
O stora gudinna i Hel,
Dit skote ar moder till tiden
hos Dig tager doden sin del.

Se nornorna spinna var trao,
vart ode styra de
Till Gnipahalan gar var fard
likt Balder da vi do.

Vi till Helheim likt Hermod ska resa
hos Doden vi finna vart guld,
nar Balder en gang kommer ater
fran Urtid, Verdandi och Skuld.

Nar Helgrinden ska oppna sig
da stiger solen upp
nu aterfodd ur vinterns djup
tillsammans med hoder.

Som en skugga fanns Loke hos Hoder
nar Balder blev dodad med list.
och alla forsvann ner till Helheim
med Misteltens magiska kvist.

Se Helgrinden som oppnar sig
och guden stiger upp
nu aterfodd ur vinterns djup
med solen som sitt svard.

Den fordolda gudinnan i Helheim
bedriver bed livet sitt spel.
Ditt skote ar moder till tiden
O stora gudinna i Hel!

Lyrics submitted by Necro Butcher

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    General CommentTranslation:


    Heldrasil, oh Heldrasil

    The godess Hel shrouded in mist
    rules in nine worlds
    On Gjallarbron, in the river Gjöll
    the dead seek you

    Far too many before you despair
    Oh great godess in Hel
    Your lap is the mother of time
    With you death takes it's part

    See the Weird Sisters spinning our thread
    Our fate they rule
    To Gnipahalan our journey goes
    Like Balder then we die

    We shall travel to Helheim like Hermod did
    At death we find our gold
    When Balder once again returns
    from Urtid, Verdandi and Skuld

    When Helgrinden shall open up
    the sun rises
    Now reborn from the depth of winter
    together with Höder

    Like a shadow was Loke with Höder
    when Balder was killed with cunning
    And everybody disappeared down to Helheim
    with Mistelten's magical twig

    See Helgrinden which opens up
    and the god arises
    Now reborn from the depth of winter
    with the sun as it's sword

    The hidden godess in Helheim
    runs a game with her life
    Your lap is the mother of time
    Oh great godess in Hel!
    Wyndrakeon April 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentText from booklet:

    "Hel, the goddess of death is also the goddess of fulfillment. Her name means both 'hole' and 'whole' and she governs not only death but also the process of birth and rebirth. Hel was hurled down to the world of ice in the beginning of time there she created nine dark worlds. The bright god Balder and the power of the sun descend into her misty realm, but in the future Balder will be reborn and rise from the womb of Hel like the sun in the springtime."
    Lateralus518on September 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't speak Swedish, but I think it's about the Norse myth where Loki tricks Hod into killing Baldur.
    Necro Butcheron July 19, 2002   Link

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