I called you brazen
Called you whore right to your face
And watched you silently
And publicly disgraced
I didn't notice
When you strengthened like a vice
That you were trembling
And burned beneath the ice

[Chorus: x2]
Why don't you weep
When I hurt you?
Why don't you weep
When I cut you?
You don't bleed
And the anger builds up inside

You said a prayer
And I betrayed you with a kiss
I never realized that all
Had come to this
So keep your dignity
Don't throw it all to waste
Stronger feelings
Than you've ever learned to face

[Repeat Chorus]

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Brazen (Weep) Lyrics as written by Len Arran Deborah Ann Dyer

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Brazen song meanings
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    General Comment

    For some reason she feels the need to hurt other people to get a reaction out of them. And now she's looking back and realising that she couldn't see the hurt she was doing, because the recipient wasn't reacting the way that she intended them to.

    So now she's realised that just because the other person isn't reacting doesn't mean that it's not having an effect and she's feeling guilty so instead of talking to the recipient she wrote a song about it. This way she can make money off the recipient's suffering. But that's just business, right? We all have to make a living.

    playwithmeon June 11, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    Brilliant song - both lyrics and music!

    Every deeply introverted person will understand what this song is about as each one of them lost some loved ones this way - first they cannot vocally respond to other's love, next they forced to face hate as the last attempt of an extravert to get any kind of response to their feelings...

    This song reflects both sides of coin - extravert's inability to comprehend that introvert's got feelings without getting a vocal proof of that and introvert's inability to force that response out of them even if something as precious as personal relationship is at stake. Eventually this song doesn't excuse either of sides, but is written from extravert's point of view simply because it's only extravert who's capable to express guilt, sorrow and grievance whilst introvert just keeps everything to themselves no matter how painful it could be...

    Video comes a little bit further in unveiling what could happen as result of 'anger building inside'. Quite a realistic portrayal of what happens if an introvert is pushed over the limit. Shows that there is always a breaking point where silent introvert suddenly explodes, crushing everything in sight with all what have been kept inside...

    sunchaseron September 22, 2014   Link
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    General Comment

    such a wonderful song with wonderful lyrics sung with a wonderful voice, written by a wonderful band...

    skunkeron May 25, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    i love this song, my best mate is a singer in the making, and she normally covers this song. makes me cry every time i hear her sing it. sigh

    Lizeeon September 01, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    Absolutely brilliant song...it's also worth checking out Stealth Sonic's acoustic orchestral remix...musically it's far more complex and just adds to the beauty of Skin's vocals.

    JabbaHutt444on June 26, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    So sad and heartbreaking.

    missmeon March 18, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    I feel that the message behind this song is a lot simpler. I feel like she's singing to someone that has cheated on her or has been cheating for a while now and has never shown any remorse ("I called you brazen // Called you whore right to your face"). However, people have seen his/her lack of remorse and his/her shameless behaviour and turned their back on this person ("And watched you silently // And publicly disgraced"). She's surprised that he/she doesn't care, she doesn't recognize this person that her lover has become (''I didn't notice // When you strengthened like a vice''). After all she just wants to get back on him/her, but she won't get her revenge, since this person seems to have become totally indifferent and she's angry because of that. An in the end she gives up, realizing that it's pointless. Or maybe, with such interpretation, I'm just mirroring exactly the same thing that has happened to me.

    BattyMattyon January 13, 2016   Link
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    Song Meaning

    This is simply about a sexual crime of some sick rape murderer. Like: "Whoops, the victim ain't responding anymore, now i cannot torture it in my evil psychopathic and sadistic way anymore because i've just killed it." The same shit they currently keep airing on TV each night. "Medical Detectives", "Autopsy"... Like: "Every half something hour, someone's captured, the cops move them along..." I could listen to that song on and on. And you don't even need an orchestra to play it. Just pick some chords on an acoustic guitar, it still works. And better have realistic cares. It is much more likely that you will end up bald like Skin due to cigarette burns than becoming a victim of a sexual crime. Officially, it's 0.1 percent. Being severely hit by a car is about 1.25 percent. Becoming bald is 75 percent, going blind is also said to be at 10 percent...

    Chuck21181on January 23, 2018   Link

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