Don't stay shocked, cause it ain't surprisin
I ain't the sun, but Antoinette's risin
And neither am I your daughter
I ain't Crystal, but I'm clearer than water
Stamp? I ain't mail, so you stamp who?
Hogwash, and you're washed like shampoo
I give a blow to the Temple like Shirley
So see ya.. and bye-bye, birdie
Cause once again I gotta bring names down
And you be slidin on stage like James Brown
And like him you'll turn an addict
Now ain't that dramatic, from legend to static?
Rush me, and you'll just fumble
Don't think you're tough, cause all cookies crumble
I ain't even gotta strive to be the one
I'm the queen, I'm far from a crumb
So save the 'Cha Cha', cause I'm back out
The Lyte was dim, but here comes the blackout
And I'm hard to find
The week was yours, but the year is mine
Hm - thought you could take me
But even a good cook couldn't bake me
So hold on to you and yours, your shoes and socks
Cause it's the fox that rocks the box

They call me the Tailor of Rap, cause I got it sewn up
Sunday's the day, but you shouldn'ta shown up
No u-turnin, cause that's your route
Rooks check in, but they don't check out
And like paint your stay is permanent
I'm the Boss and only now you're learnin it?
Wash up, here's a wet rag
Don't know the time, you must got jet lag
Oh, here's the question I've been meanin to ask:
'Eyes on what'? Trash?
I'm large and I know you want a piece of this
But you gotta come sweeter, sis
You ain't found, but you seem lost in
Don't let me be the one to reach your fortune
Your lights are dim, you don't seem too bright
You must be goin left, cause you ain't goin right
You ain't in charge, so why should I hail ya?
I don't ride the train, so I rather derail ya
I feel sorry, tisk-tisk-tisk
But that's what happens when you f--k with a cat
Like a broken record you might get scratched
But if you spring you fall, in other words drop
This is the fox that rocks the box

I figured you're wiser, but you just got dumber
You're down the drain like Liquid Plumber
That's your life, so why even risk it?
I make bread while you make bisquits
(That's dope, Antoinette, we beat that)
Nah Dee, they might bite and eat that

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The Fox That Rox The Box song meanings
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