(Me!) (me!)
(Me!) (me!) (me!)
(Me!) (me!)
(Me!) (me!) (me!)

Has anybody ever tried to change ya
Shape ya, mix and twist, rearrange ya?
And tell ya, you gotta, gotta
Become a lawyer, politician or a doctor?
Why, oh why, I wonder
If you ain't all of that, you're a bleep and a blunder
(Yo, that's wack) Word up, Gee
Yo, why can't they see?

I wanna be me, yeah
Me, yeah
Me, nobody else (2x)

My oh my, I must've shocked ya
I'm paid in full, but I'm no doctor
I got a mind of my own, and I used it
And as for an occupation I choose this
Just because your path I didn't take
Doesn't mean capital A made a mistake
That's the problem, you try to rule us
You think you school us, but do nothin but fool us
Too much gold and too much make-up
My dress too short? Yo, you better wake up
Cause I ain't you and you ain't me
So, why can't you see

I wanna be me, yeah
Me, yeah
Me, nobody else (2x)

(Me!) (me!) (me!) (2x)

I wanna be -

Me, therefore I have to live up
To my expectations, so I can't give up
Cause one downs me and jokes
But just like smoke that happens to provoke
(Me) (Trust it)
So bust It
And keep on strivin and keep on strugglin
Cause those who talk small don't mean nothin
And you gots to be the best that you can be
And as long as it's up to me -

I wanna be me, yeah
Me, yeah
Me, nobody else (2x)

So - if anybody ever tries to change ya
Shape ya, mix and twist, rearrange ya
And tell ya, you gotta, gotta
Become a lawyer, politician or a doctor
Tell em: you ain't got the right to choose for me

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Ave Grave
Thee More Shallows
So this has been.my favorite song of OTEP's since it came out in 2004, and I always thought it was a song about a child's narrative of suffering in an abusive Christian home. But now that I am revisiting the lyrics, I am seeing something totally new. This song could be gospel of John but from the perspective of Jesus. Jesus was NOT having a good time up to and during the crucifixion. Everyone in the known world at the time looked to him with fear, admiration or disgust and he was constantly being asked questions. He spoke in "verses, prophesies and curses". He had made an enemy of the state, and believed the world was increasingly wicked and fallen from grace, or that he was in the "mouth of madness". The spine of atlas is the structure that allows the titan to hold the world up. Jesus challenged the state and in doing so became a celebrated resistance figure. It also made him public enemy #1. All of this happened simply because he was doing his thing, not because of any agenda he had or strategy. And then he gets scourged (storm of thorns) There are some plot holes here but I think it's an interesting interpretation.
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Jesse with the long hair....
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.
Classic love story true to his western tx roots. One of my favorites as a story, but I think there are alot of songs that are amazing not even listed on this site. I guess I should figure out how to add them, because I have about 8 REK cd's.
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Corpse I Fell In Love With
Gadjits, The
He reuses the verse melody from the previous album's "Dirty Little Religion", the topics of the verses are all over the place, and he packs too many words into one line (goes to show...) and too few in another (it's pretty hard to find), and rhymes "Henley Regatta" with "Persona non grata", but gets away with it all as only he could.
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Both as a standalone and as part of the DSOTS album, you can take this lyric as read. As a matter of public record, Jourgensen's drug intake was legendary even in the 1980s. By the late 90s, in his own words, he was grappling with massive addiction issues and had lost almost everything: friends, spouse, money and had nearly died more than once. "Dark Side of the Spoon" is a both funny & sad title for an album made by a musical genius who was losing the plot; and this song is a message to his fans & friends saying he knows it. It's painful to listen to so I'm glad the "Keith Richards of industrial metals" wised up and cleaned up. Well done sir.
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Son Şansın - Şarkı Sözleri
This song seemingly tackles the methods of deception those who manipulate others use to get victims to follow their demands, as well as diverting attention away from important issues. They'll also use it as a means to convince people to hate or kill others by pretending acts of terrorism were committed by the enemy when the acts themselves were done by the masters of control to promote discrimination and hate. It also reinforces the idea that these manipulative forces operate in various locations, infiltrating everyday life without detection, and propagate any and everywhere. In general, it highlights the danger of hidden agendas, manipulation, and distraction, serving as a critique of those who exploit chaos and confusion to control and gain power, depicting a cautionary tale against falling into their traps. It encourages us to question the narratives presented to us and remain vigilant against manipulation in various parts of society.