Everybody laughed when I told them
I wanted you, I wanted you
Everybody grinned they humored me
They thought that someone had spiked my tea
Everybody screamed they told me you
Would cost the moon, we'll be there soon
Everybody laughed till they were blue
They didn't believe my words were true

Everybody laughed but you
It's easy to lose touch with all the friends
You like so much or liked so much
Everybody laughed they couldn't take me seriously
Abandoned me
Sometimes I would read of things they'd done in magazines
They made the scene
Everybody left with such important things to do
But I'm not blue

Everybody left but you
Everybody left but you

Many years have passed
And some have fallen by the way I heard them say
Everybody dreamed but those who fell
Are sleeping now, they're sleeping now
Everybody climbed like ivy to the top most branch
It was their chance
Everybody grasped till they were through
It's all they thought that they could do

Cause everybody fell
Everybody fell
Everybody fell but you

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Everybody Laughed But You Lyrics as written by Gordon Sumner

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    General Comment

    No? I'm not sure. Then I'll say, she has every intention of landing feet first. The "someone spiked my tea" and "costing the moon" is suggestive but ... I hesitate to be a lyric pig. But you played Lyric! Remember? "I am Lyric. I am free. A polar wish gave birth to me glittering one wintry night." Too bad you can't recall more. Lyric glittered and glittered, looked "them all in the hearts" and threw three witches on the floor. Ah yes, I remember it well ...

    sillybunnyon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Okay seriously—unless he’s cutting out on Trudie—which I doubt—this must be about her. Why everyone would have laughed or said it would cost the moon—alimony?—is a mystery. But he speaks of losing touch with old friends, seemingly celebrity friends—because he read about them in magazines and—they made the scene, so it sounds like the Trudie years.

    The last stanza is confusing. Maybe everybody dreamed refers to people who also chased fame and have since died. And many of these people achieved fame—climbing to the top most branch and grasping till they were through, but then they fell … perhaps meaning once you die, all of your success is a wash? The flaw in my analysis is “everybody fell but you” and that creates little rips in the rest of the supposition.
    I don’t think this but the devilish part of me can’t resist—it really is about Trudie and the last stanza is saying gee, so many great chicks reached for wonderful me and everyone fell off the tree but you, babe. I’m laughing. It would be a dumb premise to use for song material.

    sillybunnyon July 21, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Somewhat related and amusing [at a concert]....

    [Sting] began joking that everyone in the first row better beware what they say about him because he could hear everything they said. He then gave some examples of rude comments: "He was better when he was with The Police," "Yuck, look at that jacket he’s wearing," "Can he really do it for five hours?"

    sillybunnyon August 28, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    During the first stanza it sounds as if it was a love song but as the song goes on, it's not that clear anymore.

    Personally, this song reminds me of something (not a person, it's actually a TV series) that is very important to me and has influenced me all through my life. Other people often don't understand how a TV show and its fictitious characters can be so important (so they laugh) but as the years go by, friends come and friends go, but I know for sure that this one thing will always stay and whenever I need it, I just open my cupboard and get it! : )

    WhiteWolfDiefon June 26, 2009   Link
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    Its about everyone leaving into the material world. Sting is saying he didnt buy into the temptation, because he doesn't hide behind a mask. He has awaken, if you read his other songs you will see. He is very spiritual and tells about life.

    Madagnik7on February 23, 2010   Link
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    One of my favorites off of Ten Summoner's Tales. This song was only found in international copies (I own the Japanese version, as well as an American copy). However, I first heard it on the CD single for If I Ever Lose My Faith In You. There was another song on there that had the same exact backing track but different vocals titled January Stars. How unfortunate that these songs don't get any attention from Sting. I've seen him play other songs while he was doing the Ten Summoner's Tales tours, but he never seemed to play this one.

    I think this song is about a male and female character in a relationship. However, the male character's friends are laughing at him, telling him that the relationship won't work out. It got so bad that the male character's "friends" stopped talking to him because he refused to believe what they were saying. In the Japanese booklet, it explains some of the lyrics throughout the album. In this song, it only talks about the 'cost the moon' lyric, which means that the male character's 'friends' said she was going to have him spend an 'astronomical' (large/ridiculous) amount of money on her, to which he replies (ironically?) "We'll be there soon." as if that was true.

    So maybe the song is about a woman who is in fact manipulating this man, and his friends left him because he didn't heed their advice. But this woman is so attractive to him, or something of that matter, that he can't muster up the courage to end the relationship. Just my take on it.

    MusicFoxon September 23, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    Listening to this song over a month and I guess it is about Trudie who showcased that she was the only one who embraced Sting with all of his downs that he has while others just saw the perfect guy in him but not the dark side that they never wanted to aknowledge a steer him into being a better man

    mirzacajicon March 06, 2024   Link

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