Standing here next to this hole that I am digging for myself,
I wonder how I'm supposed to act. I swear that I've been here before.

I know history repeats itself, but this is getting out of hand.
I'm to the point where I don't think that I can take this anymore.

Pale moon dances;
Sideways glances;
My head's full of questions. No answer without her.
I guess I'll never know.

Standing here I ask myself; just what is best? What should I do?
I know that I should walk away but I just can't give up on you.

As hard as I may try to let it go or just try to forget,
You have this way of giving me hope to see things I hadn't yet.

Cold wind's blowing;
Rumors growing.
Look's like I'm the suspect of romance.
Still no chance, as if I ever would...

When everything is said and done;
When all my hope begins to fade;
It's the sour taste left in my mouth,
It tastes like raspberry lemonade.

Quietly watching the way your eyes glow in this candlelight,
I've never seen you look so beautiful as how you do tonight.

Held by you, I'm captivated; I am lost inside your eyes.
The overwhelming feel of loneliness comes, but it's no surprise.

Stars are shining;
No defining emotions I'm feeling.
The drive home: I'm alone. Nothing but empty dreams.

Lyrics submitted by NJ emo kid

Raspberry Lemonade song meanings
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    WOW! this song is AMAZING! It describes my situation almost perfectly.

    CrYiNgLoNeLyTeArZon August 16, 2002   Link
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    luv this song ;) ..kool band

    NIKKIEon September 14, 2002   Link
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    wow.... this song is great, theres no need for explanation

    xerickxon June 18, 2003   Link

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