I sit in silence for some time and think about the world
And it seems to be a marketplace where we can buy and sell
The lives no less than infants held in a corporate hand
They're given what they 'cannot have'
Supply becomes demand
And everywhere I look I see the multinational
There's something shining in their eyes
Violating the earth and using up its resource
Just to build a new franchise
Erosion complete the cycle never to repeat
Now will they realise
Fast food may be an eating revolution
But it's rape has spawned our world demise.
You think they're going to tell you exactly what they're doing?
The mask they wear's a good disguise
When charity's a fashion you really got to wonder
Are they struggling to sell fries?
Overworked and underpaid indignity is commonplace
So now we sympathise
But in our selfish habits and wasteful mass consumption
We become the one's we criticise.
It's lies we're telling to ourselves the lies they energise
The raised fist of hypocrisy is seen in all our lives
Megacorporation's produce our daily lives
And I want to boycott all of this and break the chain of lies
But is corporate remonstration to answer to oppression?
I want to know the reason why
The weight of the world is on our generation
When we're living off their borrowed time
Anarchy becomes an immediate reaction
And indifference follows close behind
But neither possess a bonafide solution
To the pain that seethes inside.

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    This song is obviously speaking of the greed and carelesness of the giant Multinational companies, paying particular attention to the likes of Mc Donalds and Burger King, an amazing song, with amazing political relevance, by one of the most fiercely independent, and individual thinking bands around today, Seraphs Coal rocks, their album rocks, and this song rocks! Keep it up fine young australian talent, and Dan Jones surely has a rare talent, as a drummer myself i know that it is sure as hell hard to drum and sing at once, and he doe sit at blisteing pace, without missing a beat, and with perfection in the pitch of his voice.. Brilliant

    emokid86on September 06, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    This is my favourite off the first EP, it's such an incredibly well-written song. I love the way the end of the song describes the different solutions punk bands (and revolutionaries) before them have tried ("corporate remonstration" and anarchy). This makes them different from other bands because they're not just angry about it, they think about how other people's solutions affect the world

    Cherub Rockon September 16, 2002   Link

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