oshikometa kimochi wo gaman shiteita kimochi wo
hakidasu ka no you ni atashi totsuzen nakidashita
chiisana kono heya wa iki ga tsuzukanaku naru no
ushiro furikaeru atozusari nee dou shiyou...
atashi no nakigoto suki?
ureshii hanashi ki ni iranai?
waruguchi wa motto suki mitai ne
sonna anata wo atashi wa kirai

maeba wo nakushita usagi wa mimi mo senaka mo unadarete
aoku shigeru hiroi sougen wo hashiru chikara mo naku shinde yuku
shippo wo nakushita atashi wa
mae ni susumu tame ni koko ni iru
dakara mou sukoshi warattenai de
tama ni kitsuku shikatte misete

mainichi kyuukutsu de komatte shimattara
yasashiku te wo sashinobete kureru tomodachi
[watashi wa anata no koto, nandemo wakaru no yo
dakara itsu demo itte ne]
nante usotsuki. yoru no nagadenwa suki?
tsunagitomeru mono hitsuyou nano?
demo sonna koto bakka itteru
ikojina jibun ga kirai
ryouhige kirareta oyaneko migi mo hidari mo mienakute
ai suru moto e to ikezu ni
hitori naku koto mo naku tachi sukumu

nekoze wo naoshita atashi wa ue wo muku tame ni
koko ni iru
dakara mou sukoshi warattenai de
tama ni kitsuku shikatte misete

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Waruguchi ~studio live~ (Japanese Romanization) song meanings
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