I'm gonna bring the funk so watch out your mind says step out cuz you cant handle the groove straight through without a doubt so you sit and pout cuz its another victory for the groove heroes yes the AM family
so whaddaya see? 5 brothers rockin hardcore.
the vibe hittin in your chest makin ya want more
like we were runnin a store but every thing was free cant nobody take the mike away from me.
Well everybody wanna see me cuz my styles wild check my profile
on the scene for a while maybe ya think im high
its just the reds of my retinas disgusted at the flows ive seen brothers rhymin like a disco queen.

We all want to know the identity of the guys on stage standing in front of me. i love this little flow they drop at every show
when we asked who they were someone said 'groove heroes'

Why not kick it like this straight crazy wild i'm coming even faster than an auto-speed-dial cuz when it comes to style i stay for a while.
i came out dancin like a disco child hot and raw like a burned peice of toast i thought ya damn knew im the ghost with the most rhymes and rhythms come check my style every mile of the nile im kickin it wild.
Everybody wanna see me cuz im shootin high reachin for the sky when i pass by do you think i lie? just the clench of my fist gotcha pissin in your drawers once again, Locale, break it down like this my friends.

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