a schism in your mind overrules reason
a stereotypical thought holds your mind captive
did you ever stop to think or do you just inherit
the cobwebs are plentiful; dust covers all
winter never ceases and spring never comes
your mind never thaws; your mind is frozen numb
or is it simply a captive of your own free will
free to do what you want, and what you want to do will kill
and a captive you will be (until you're set free)
a captive cannot see (your buried in the trees)
your feelings are a contradiction to your ideals
your morals are an admittance of guilt
your life is a contradiction to your belief
your thoughts are an admittance of the bondage of your own free will
call me emotionally loaded terms showing your fear
but what are you afraid of if nothing is really there
and how can I be wrong if there really is no right
there are no absolutes, is that absolutely true
silhouette foundations made of truths you don't hold to
what you stand on is a cloud of confusion
if everything's subjective than I guess so is that
uphold the laws of the land, but reject their derivation
tour actions are a confirmation of the law
tour beliefs are a rejection of reason
tour anger is a confirmation of something wrong
tour words are a rejection of the only hope that anyone has for freedom
does any of this matter, will it do any good
and is it really good when our standards are so low
there is always someone worse to make me look better
but better than what, a rapist, thief, or a killer
i'll always fall short from a curse placed on birth
but ill get back up with the help from another
and ill ask one more time, does any of this matter
does anyone else hear is anyone even out there

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