(Oh, baby do you)
That's right, that's right do yo' thang
Baby, do yo' thang, huh (smokin' up, smokin' up)
Ahaha, yeah, and it don't quit (smokin' up, smokin' up)
But bitch please get yo' hand off my grip (I got a nigga)
Haha, now that's right
And it don't stop right here on W Balls
Nothin' but a come up
The real mackadocious, the real McCoy
That's right DJ EZ Dicc
This one is strictly for the pimps, players, true money makers
Nothin' but a Players Ball right here on W Balls
Pimp fun under the sun
That's right, we're doin' it live with Soopafly
Too $hort and my main man Doggy Dogg

I had this bitch locked on to me like she was way too clever
Man, Soopafly never, ever, ever
Fell for the do-low, and you know
I'm too swift on my toes and it gives a pose
It's too much for me to be givin' to you
Uh, all I'm givin' is some dick in you
Now she agree (uh), I told the bitch to blaze the weed
Now she blazed it (uh) but that ain't all she blew (hey, hey)
Hey, I got knocked off on the bar
In my room got knocked off in the car
Uh, gave it to me until I reached my peak
Baby, flip talkin' 'bout lovin' me in the week
I said that's too damn quick, and that's too damn fast
You've been givin' up too much cock and givin' up too much ass
Nah, nah, nah, you ain't gettin' me like that (nah, bitch)
Soopafly ain't even called the bitch back
Ever since she tripped (uh), I went on one (on one)
Stepped in the club, caught me a home run
Baby was bad and all, she said, "Gimme a call"
I wanted to break that bitch like a law
Picked her up at the bus stop (uh), she was soft and smooth (smooth)
Talkin' 'bout what could pop out and hit the roof
Then she said somethin' about the cost (say what?)
Man, that same bus stop
Is where I dropped that bitch back the fuck off
You can't ride my bird (you can't ride, baby)
So I kicked that bitch to the curb
You best to believe (uh)
You ain't got no trick up your sleeve
That can get what you need

You thought you had my grip
(Now check this out you ol' trick-ass bitch)
Check this out, baby, Soopafly never ever slips
(Aw, man, I'm way too smooth, girl)
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh
You thought you had my cash (nah, baby)
(That's my money)
'Til I turned around and whooped yo' ass (yeah, uh)
Like a pimp and that's for real

I came through in a zoot suit, pinstripe, lookin' too cute
Tryna get my shoot on, so I'ma scoot over
Over to the next bitch (ow), say her name is Texas (Mexican)
She fly but she wasn't the sexiest
She had a ho with her named 'Bama, short for Alabama
A big bad mama-jamma (big bad), now look here
I like big bitches (hey), 'cause they large, uuh (uh-huh)
And big bitches always take charge
Wanna grab a skinny nigga like Snoop Dogg
'Cause you like it tall, gon' and work it baby doll (baby doll)
Now a great big girl got a hell of a grip to grab a hold of
Got a lot of cash for a little love
All they want to do is take you down to the mall
Floss a little bit and get a t-shirt that say, "Miss Snoop Dogg"
I don't see a goddamn thang
That's stoppin' you from buyin' me that goddamn ring
It look nice on my finger, I'ma buy you a Zinger
'Cause you make me feel like a real hip-hop singer
Your homegirl, bring her 'cause I've been dyin' to meet her
You know I won't cheat her, don't mistreat her
She only get the dick, I'll never ever eat her
But I'll drop her ass 'cause you know I don't need her (shit)
It was fun while it lasted
You know what they say, big things come in small packages, baby

You thought you had my grip
But Snoop Dogg never ever slips
You thought you had my cash
Until I turned around and whooped yo' ass
Trick biatch, biatch

I said biatch (biatch), what are you smokin'?
A big fat dick comin' from East Oakland
There must be some kind of misunderstandin'
Hit the parkin' lot, bitch, I was standin' by the Benz
You think a nigga rich, bitch?
Gold diggin' tramps tryin' to get with this dick
For all the wrong reasons
Niggas ain't trickin' durin' pimp season
But you still jumped your fast-ass in anyway
If any other nigga picked you up it'd be payday
I rolled to my house with the bitch (what'd you do $hort?)
Introduced her mouth to my dick (how you doin'?)
Glad to meet you, make yourself comfortable
You fuckin' with a dawg, bitch, you ain't finna come up, ho
So you might as well enjoy the ride
And serve this nigga from the Eastside (Eastside)
How much for the game that I'm sellin'?
Ain't no tellin' like Jack told Helen
I know sex sells but I'ma tell you though
Can't spend on shit that ain't valuable
Fucked all night woke up the next mornin'
Told her I'm a pimp but the bitch kept goin'
Wantin' me to do somethin' for the time she spent (haha)
It's funny 'cause now she can't find no rent money

You thought you had my grip
But Too $hort never ever slips
You thought you had my cash
Until I turned around and whooped your ass (check this out)
Trick biatch, biatch

I got family members, homeboys
Motherfuckers, I look out way before you

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You Thought Lyrics as written by Priest J. Brooks Todd Anthony Shaw

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