Light a candle lay flowers at the door for those who left behind and the one's who've gone before
Here it comes now sure as silence follows rain
The taste of you upon my lips the fingers in my brain
And be gentle as it kills me where I lay who am I to resist
Who are you to fail

Got to get you out of my mind but I can't escape from the feeling
As I try to leave the memory behind without you what's left to believe in

It could be so sorry for the way it had to go
But now I feel your presence in a way I could not know
And I wonder do you ever feel the same
In whispering darkness do you ever hear my name

Got to get you out of my mind but I can't escape from the feeling
As I try to leave the memory behind without you what's left to belive in

(Here in the back of your mind) (here in the back of your mind)
And how could you dare to become so close so real when you're just a ghost of me

And I've got to get you out of my mind but I can't escape from the feeling
As I try to leave the memory behind without you what's left to believe in

Here in the back of your mind deep in the back of your mind

Here in the back of your mind deep in the back of your mind

Deep in the back of your mind

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Out of My Mind Lyrics as written by NICK RHODES, SIMON LE BON, WARREN CUCCURULLO

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Out Of My Mind song meanings
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    General Comment

    One of the best and most underrated Duran Duran songs ever...adore the lyrics.....

    michael-lon January 11, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    From the movie "The Saint" Awesome movie, awesome song! This song fucking rocks man!

    WhiteMagicon May 21, 2002   Link
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    This song is very disturbing to me. The video is very disturbing. Simon has described it as a "modern ghost story" and about "being haunted from the inside". I think it's clearly about someone who is traumatized by a person in their past and is trying to push this person out of their mind but as hard as they try, the memory is still there in "the back of [their] mind". Well, yeah, that's obvious. This guy is thinking about how much pain this person has caused him and how much it is still apart of his life and he's wondering if this person he is obsessing over feels the same way---regret, remorse, shame, etc---or if not and if there's some utter callousness about it all. It reminds me of Careless Memories. And comparing it to that song, it makes me think about how the mere mention of a name can hold so much power. Just like certain things can trigger painful memories.

    Canadaon March 31, 2005   Link
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    General Comment said it all...but I love the song and the video!!!

    mexicanfanon March 03, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I read (I think Wikipedia) that this song was part of a trilogy of songs Simon wrote about his friend dying. The other two were "Do You Believe in Shame" and "Ordinary World."

    I adore this song. I want it at my funeral, before the Weird Al medley.

    vlcupperon March 09, 2009   Link

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