[Intro: sample, Afu-Ra]
"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, ignition sequence start
Say it, assassin, assassin, one, take it again"
Soul Assassins, Afu-Ra, yo, this how we do

You never heard of this, murderous, mic style superb with this
Burn with this, learn with this, you couldn't swerve with this
Or speed up on me in a high speed chase
Shift the clutch and what, bump chumps, I rip it up
I'm hangin corners, type ship like Lamborghini
You couldn't see me, solar rays scorch Houdini
You know my essence, hip hop and energy
Soul Assassinate ya, never hate ya
It's deep thought, while you drink my Henneccy
This deep sport, right where the winners be
I'm takin over, sounds glide like genocide
I'm never sober, write my rhymes, like a roller
It's so much colder, as you bounce into the lunar
Don't be confused a second to get your wreck in
Afu riggity Ra hit intersections

[Chorus 2X]
Don't make me want to walk a winner
Walk it iller, stalk a sinner, walk beginners

You can't stop the shiverin, quiverin, while I'm deliverin
Unique stacks, put wack back, I came to bring
Microcosmic author, comin forth here, killa
Mess around, you get stuck like Orca nigga
Frontin like you was the boss and illa
Britches got too big, don't make have to walk a sinner
Next day maybe they have to come and chalk a winner
One to tens is straight ate for dinner
I don't devour, straight restricted to my roughage
Bang like Yamaha, hooker to 1200s
Stealth mode, cloak my dagger like a Klingon
Soul Assassination, bring it on, yeah

[Chorus 4X]

You catch a mind bleed, eyes bleed, your ears bleed
Your nose bleed, battle wit me, rhymes bleed
My ship is stainless, orbits next your Uranus
AS long as you know, train freeze likes of Pluto
My wordplay firm-lay, in Zero gravi-tay
I be the dentist and you, you be the cavi-tay
Or neurosurgeon, brain work pathogen
Fro your consumption, first thing is oxygen
Throwin out 4 pages to be box ya in
Lock ya in, rock ya sin, you'll see directions in
Lifestyles, young urban perceptions
Don't seek exception, touchin all side of the waters
I dominate, accelerate, illuminate
Exuberate, and motivate, exasperate

[Chorus 4X]

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Soul Assassination Lyrics as written by AARON OCOSICE PHILLIP, LARRY MUGGERUD

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