Hook: (x2)
The more I look around the more it hurts
My livelihook is poisoned my works
Fall on deaf ears a messenger bringer
With a foreign face and
Tongue and
Twisted view of this time and space
Space cadet Ace
Reporting from base
The water hasn't a taste
The time and the place
The paper, the chase the race

Verse 1:
Manifestation, reva-lation-lution
Retro-bution solution
My people are poor community war
What's the rivalry for?
The poor can't afford
Self genocide
Help 'em aside
He's on your side of the fight
Yep, but unfortunatley
Unproportionately out of order
We have Kaos
Kaos to order they're closing the border
It's a flip of the quarter
For the players, existing in this game
I'm sensing a change
That all will come to pass
Then a movement of the mass
But who am I to tell on who will prevail
And who's fail and who in the hell
Are you going to tell?
You're new to the trail
Your doomed to sail
Keep watching your backs
And cover your tracks
Get up on the facts and relax
And as the dust settles another one bites
He fights but he lost his life device
He's iced my advice
Don't play unless you plan to pay the price


The more I look around the more it hurts (x5)
I quiety go berserk when I work
Hoping to find that part of my mind
That's mostly confine and blind
Yes pure and refined
Untampered with time
Subliminal sublime
The criminal's crime
I reach and climb
I keep it refined I speak and I grind
Keep watching your back and cover your tracks
get up on the facts and relax
And as the dust settles another one bites
He fights but he lost his life device
He's iced my advice
Don't play unless you plan to pay the price


We all hurt sometimes. Don't we?
We all get hurt sometimes. Don't we?
We all laugh sometimes. Don't we?
We often pass the time. Don't we?
We all get mad sometimes. Don't we?
We all can flash at times. Can't we?
Have some piece of mind?
Don't we need to seize the time? Don't we?
Life is FUCKED up
But it can be
Some people just lucked up
Because they can see
The shit is chaotic in disguise
Guns and narcotics for or demise
And don't forget the lies
They pump you with
I rise to the occasion without a scratch or abrasion
Just a hop, skip, and jump
Away from a rock hit and a drunk
No loitering here
Aye y'all can't hang out after dark here
Excuse me sir but you can't park here!
I mean tell your dogs that they can't bark here
I mean the world is moving baby
But you gotta just Hold on
But Sometimes you can't just hold on
You gotta just let it go
Let, let, let, let, let it go

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The Hurt Lyrics as written by DARREN HAYES, STEVE LIRONI

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Well, in my opinion this song is about being a young & maybe a little naive &/or introverted girl and finding yourself loving a man who is at first very charming, carefree & outgoing, and seems at first to be without limits, as in "There was a time you opened up every doorway you didn't mind if everything wasn't your way" then that man starts to gradually become more introverted & shows their more possessive/obsessive side to you as the relationship progresses, even while they keep up the appearance of being carefree & outgoing to everyone else, "Don't pull away that goes against what you told me I look in your eyes I realize what you've sold me is love in a vacuum" so you confront them about the way they're acting and of course they deny it, "I think you've changed but you insist that that's not true" quite possibly they are an addict of some sort, my guess would be cocaine, &/or showing very obsessive behavior towards you (early on in the video for this song we see the man hanging a picture up, it is a very large portrait of Aimee & it is prominently displayed in his/their apartment for the duration of the song), thus their "love in a vacuum", "You look so strange, so distant that you're hardly you Now I can see how you have been acting different You say it's me but I know that it isn't it's love in a vacuum" but still you are in love with them and don't want to leave them and you know that they are truly in love with you and they don't want you to leave them either, maybe they are convinced you can save them from themself, maybe they are so broken that the possibility of an overdose &/or suicide attempt is very real and you want to get through to them that their behavior not only dangerous but it is also just pissing you off and if they don't wise up they run the risk of loosing you, as in the lines "You will be lonely if you leave me alone", so you want to save them but can't get through to them due to the addiction &/or emotional problems they have, "Love in a vacuum and that's not enough love in a vacuum You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way You will be lonely if you leave me alone You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way it's just not enough" you want them to understand that the love they are giving you is not enough when it is filtered through the vacuum of their drug addiction &/or emotional impairment, "You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way it's just not enough and just wait you will be lonely Love in a vacuum Love in a vacuum and that's not enough Love in a vacuum". 'Love In A Vacuum' for me is a hauntingly truthful acute argument on the loneliness of obsession and almost inevitable loss of love that follows people who are broken in some way or another; the obsessives, the coke heads, the drunks, addicts or the just-plain-old emotionally broken; a razor sharp, lyrically driven, deceptively poppy, yet ultimately-depressing-in-the-best-way song. Quintessential Aimee Mann.
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Warren wanted a Beach Boys thing for this one, and Carl Wilson and Billy Hinsche came in, with Carl arranging the vocal parts. The other harmony vocalists (credited as the "Gentlemen Boys") were Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther, Zevon's longtime backers Waddy Wachtel and Jorge Calderon, and Linda Rondstadt/Stone Poneys guitarist Kenny Edwards.
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He reuses the verse melody from the previous album's "Dirty Little Religion", the topics of the verses are all over the place, and he packs too many words into one line (goes to show...) and too few in another (it's pretty hard to find), and rhymes "Henley Regatta" with "Persona non grata", but gets away with it all as only he could.
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This is one of my favorite songs. https://fnfgo.io
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I think much like another song “Anti-Matter” (that's also on the same album as this song), this one is also is inspired by a horrifying van crash the band experienced on Nov 3, 2022. This, much like the other track, sounds like it's an extension what they shared while huddled in the wreckage, as they helped frontman Garrett Russell stem the bleeding from his head wound while he was under the temporary effects of a concussion. The track speaks of where the mind goes at the most desperate & desolate of times, when it just about slips away to all but disconnect itself, and the aftermath.