Uh uh, yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah-yeah
Bout' to set it off one time
For the cats that be buggin'
Ha, Clark Kid what the deal?
Group home, wanna hit?
Wild man rest in peace
Yo, yo, yo, yo

[Verse One]
Yo it's the A-P-L-U, let me tell you
I'm sicker than any nigga that been admitted to Bel View
The rhymes I was born through a pen and my strongest strength
My pen is like a weapon when I hold it at arms length
With Kedar's consent I represent over tracks with Clark Kent
With some super vision from Superman
I get stupid man, you open off the verbal aerobics
I was in the Parkside state of mind when I wrote it
I'm the dopest, when it comes to this one
I'm invisible to ya third eye, you need a fourth or a fifth one
Maybe even a sixth one
Keep the Big Anther on the big gun for pin point accuracy to hit one
Never miss, the professional specialist remember this
The name A-plus it's anonymous with excellence
Don't forget that, before I have to get the click-clack
Give you a wetback believe me it'll be a major set back

I gotta have it! It's automatic! Yeah!
So come clean and keep it real if you like my sound
I gotta have it! {Check it out} It's automatic! What!
Take that, take that, take that play-boy
I gotta have it! It's automatic! Uh!
So come clean and keep it real if you like my sound
I gotta have it! {Yo} It's automatic! {Check it out} Uh!
Take that, take that, take that play-boy

[Verse Two]
A yo I heard some kids puttin' my name in they childish rhymes
As if I ain't bout' it bout' it enough to handle mine
You little boys pushin' past the point of being annoyed
I'll destroy, every rapper on the east of Seaboard
Just to get you I take some steroids turn into a werewolf
Jump in the ring and bite your god damn ear off
If the combat is hand to hand I bang em' in
Going bannanas man like a angry orangutan
Double my rhymes walk back to the talk fast
And manufacture the data
Here on after for all rappers
For character, you can smash with the speed of the comic book character
Flash Gordan with verbal phonics spectacular
Hear you in the back of the audio screamin' like you want to enter this
Come on bring it on and prepare to get manslaughtered
With deadly force
And my style is causing nausea like the scorpion poison

I gotta have it! It's automatic! {What what} Yeah!
So come clean {Suckas} and keep it real if you like my sound {Uh, check it
I gotta have it! {Uh, Brooklyn} It's automatic! Yeah!
Take that, take that, take that playboy
I gotta have it! It's automacic! {Yeah yeah} What!
So come clean and keep it real if you like my sound
I gotta have it! It's automatic!
Yo take that, take that, take that A-Plus!

[Verse Three]
A-Plus it gotta' be hip-hop's youngest mistrosity
There isn't anyone under twenty-one that could rock me
You feelin' this, forty-eight track ventriloquist
The actual synthesis passin' out the class syllabus
Just imagine if I rip your crew into fragments
Destroy the evidence so nobody will know it happened
Walking through the neighborhood full of dead men doing head-spins
Pickin' em' up like red-mans
Lyrically modified to kick the hottest rhyme
At the drop of a dime I limbo below the bottom line
Kick it tight, rhymes sent Method Man to another lifetime
Keep Erykah all to myself cuz' I like dimes
Radiation from the bright shine meltin' MC's with height-lines
Cuz' I'm very selfish with my mic time
When I recite mine, my rhymes explode likd a pipe bomb
Nobody in they right or they left mind can test mine

I gotta have it! It's automatic! Uh!
So come clean and keep it real if you like my sound
I gotta have it! It's automatic! What!
Take that, take that, take that top that
I gotta have it! It's automatic! Yeah!
So come clean and keep it real if you like my sound
I gotta have it! It's automatic! Yo!
Take that, take that, take that A-Plus
I gotta have it! {What what} It's auotmatic! Yeah!
So come clean and keep it real if you my sound

What, I can have it
Take that take that take that
That fly ish
Uh, Clark Kent
So come clean and keep it real if you like my sound
Uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh
Take that, take that, take that

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