Stop what you're doin, cause the plane's takin off
Miss a second of instructions, and you might get lost
In a crazy cloud of madness, [?spanish?]
Ultimate extravaganza, the style and finesse
Now he's the S-e-a-double n-i-e
Father's last name is Bouldin, so he uses the be
Captivator of the cuties, understood by few
Makin money for a livin, cause this is what we do
You just have a man if your soul is hollow
The crew has chose to lead cause we never learned to follow
So all you who flex, and yo, you know the deal
Just listen to my drummer, y'all, and his drums of steel

Listen to my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
To my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
Listen to my drummer
As my drummer goes bang

Good time guaranteed, take no nonsense
Yo Muggs, that's your cue, so let the beat commence
So all you lovers, watch your girl, cause we'll take em to Utopia
Hold her real close, cause we might be scopin her
Sean has the dream, I have the vision
I think it's 'bout time the coalition starts this mission
See, prophets speak with knowledge, the truth they never mitigate
Our bond is strong, for no more thou shall desecrate
Cold rock a rabble, question when we quibble
Don't understand? Then figure out the riddle
Cause I'm speakin knowledge, everything's for real
Listen to my drummer, y'all, and his drums of steel

Listen to my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
To my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
Listen to my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
To my drummer
As my drummer goes bang, bang

Inventin lyrics is the motive, and this is the life
Live for the moment and rollin the dice
Cause gamblers always takin a chance
The drums are slammin, so let's all dance
Brother, listen to that good old hip-hop music
There's no comparison, so don't you confuse it
With any other, in a class of its own
Some might say it's the vocal tone
Word, talkin in English, never speakin in tongues
It's the bass in the voices and the air in the lungs
Grandmixer Muggs, show em what hip-hop means
Baby boys outta Brooklyn, DJ from Queens
But now we cool in Cali, live in L.A.
Makin money for a livin, livin day by day
Even heavy metallers give up and yield
When they listen to our drummer, y'all, and his drums of steel

Listen to my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
To my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
Listen to my drummer
As my drummer goes bang
To my drummer
As my drummer goes bang, bang, bang

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Drums of Steel Lyrics as written by Joe Nicolo Brett Anthony Bouldin

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