[Little kid talking]
Daddy, why my mama shaking that booty for 5th Ward Weebie
(I don't know boy) Is she a ho

[5th Ward Weebie]
Ho, ah ha ha
Ha, ah ha ha
Ha, ah ha ha (She want more)
Ha, ah ha ha (Weebie)
Ha, ah ha ha (Phoolish)

[5th Ward Weebie: Hook]
Ya baby mama in the club and ya know she actin' bad
She's a ho, she's a ho
Ya baby daddy in the club and ya know he actin' bad
He's a ho, he's a ho
Ya baby mama actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Ya baby daddy actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Ya baby mama actin' bad in this bitch, ha
Cause she's a ho, she's a ho

Now in the club they be wantin' mo'
To hit the mack that give em' stacks to wobble on the flo'
That's how it go Sunday night up , rip up in the spot
They gotta hit em' in the spot, so drop it like it's hot
Movin' the thong, showin' pussy, let me see it shake
And put the holla OH if they want that pussy ache
Look what cha' made, three kids, three sperm donors
Willin' to give that pussy up to whoever run up on her
She in the corner actin' bad off "Shake It Fast"
That Blue Hawaiian got her mind, you can take her ass
Now picture that, yo baby daddy still wantin' mo'
She in the club actin' bad that's why they caller ho


[5th Ward Weebie]
Man I'm chillin by the bar and I'm kickin' it with a fat ho
Titties lookin' good but I'm really peakin' that ass though
Feelin' on the thighs cause I'm chillin' full of that Hennessey
After a long night of this hit, she gon' remember me
Man what's this ho name again, oh it's Tiffany
Two minutes before Weebie came on, she be kissin' me
Baby mom came by the bar tryin' to be messy
Hangin' with these stupid ass hoes lookin' all nasty
Workin' all play it off like I don't see this ho
Try to shake me up if ya want but I'ma beat a ho
You a sad bitch in the club tryin to act bad
Throwin out they child support, aught to be glad bitch


Why T, don't get mad nigga
Hatin' on her cause she about to shake that ass nigga
Waitin' on her tryin to catch actin' bad nigga
Hittin' them stairs, bout to work it for that cash nigga
You's a sad nigga
You supposed to try to make her break that bread
When she come home, she done break a nigga, take the bread
I hate to say it but she leavin' here with us tonight
Nut suckin' butt fuckin' in the truck tonight
I'ma fuck her right, tuck her right in the corner in back of the club
In the V.I. sippin' on yac in the club
About three I'ma get my shit packed in the club
And go knee high in that bitch after the club


[Various ad-libs and lines to fade]

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