This boy he's a midnight driver
High roller and a soul survivor
She tried to send him on his way
He say, hey, I wanna stay
If you don't mind I'm hanging around
This girl's on the road to nowhere
She wouldn't say but another day there
It's not the role she's decided to play
She say, hey, don't wanna stay
There's no reason for hanging around
Take me where I wanna go running
Where the sea rushes up to the shore
It's a lonely place but I need the space
Want to let my feelings soar
Help me find the key to my prison
I've waited long enough to be free
I love you but I'm not really living
It's now how I want it to be
Listen, I know what she's like she's just a dreamer
But I'll win in the end I'm a schemer
Give her time she'll be on the phone
She's never gonna make it alone
Better leave the door on the latch
She'll soon be hurrying home
Oh Mother, it looks like I'm in for stormy weather
So I'd better get my story together
Got to make it good she's no fool
I'll take her in my arms, I'll be cool
Don't want to get her upset
I wanna make her forget
Take me where I wanna go running
Where the sea rushes up to the shore
It's a lonely place but I need the space
Want to let my feelings soar
Help me find the key to my prison
I've waited long enough to be free
I love you but I'm not really living
It's now how I want it to be
This girl's she's a real survivor
She don't believe in the midnight driver
So she's starting a brand new day
She say, hey, don't wanna play
It had to stop, so I'm going away
I'm going away
I'm going away

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Survivor song meanings
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    My Interpretation

    This song's got a male protagonist and a female protagonist. They used to be together, but they've broken up. However, the guy still wants to be with her. I wants to convince her that things will work, but she just doesn't want to listen and keeps on moving to different places to get away from him. But, he knows he can make it work, so he keeps chasing after her. This song doesn't get nearly enough attention. It's the best song on Ten Out Of 10, and one of my favorite 10cc songs in general. It's the perfect closer to the album, and it unfortunately always seems to get overlooked and forgotten. But it's great, especially the amazing guitar solo at the end.

    Deka7X9on May 17, 2017   Link

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