Oh well her skin it was softer than velvet
And her eyes were as bright as a child's
Her lips were a promising picture
Warm and celluloid
But her words had me thinkin' too deeply
The meaning be-lying her face
Made me look just a little bit closer
Between the lines

L.A. smiles to hide the frown
L.A. promises to follow you down
L.A. teeth, and L.A. hair
L.A. curves that shouldn't be there
They really shouldn't be there

She said you've got to be seen at the Roxy
The strippers will know who we are
But you've got to be seen to be happy
You're a Tinseltown Star
You're going upwards and downwards and sideways
Man you're really caught up in a dream
With your head burning under the starlight
From the studio scene

L.A. smiles to hide the frown
L.A. promises to follow you down
L.A. teeth, and L.A. hair
L.A. curves that shouldn't be there
They really shouldn't be there

L.A. inflatable, she never says no
L.A. insatiable, you don't have to go
L.A. charisma

Well she knows all the famous musicians
Sometimes she sees how they play
And when the back stage passes are going
She really knows how to pay
She's a product of rock 'n' roll livin'
She's a victim of Hollywood hate
She's a soul survivor
She's the midnight special
Gonna lay you to waste

L.A. smiles to hide the frown
L.A. promises to follow you down
L.A. teeth, and L.A. hair
L.A. curves that shouldn't be there
They really shouldn't be there

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L.A. Inflatable Lyrics as written by Graham Gouldman Eric Stewart

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