do you do you do you wanna watch me can you make them like to see me bleed do you do you wanna watch me can you make them like to see me bleed are we something you can pick apart well there's one more spot on the guest list i asked you what time it was not how to make a watch x2 everyone time i speak to you i see your (?) shine through every ?line you babble gets spoiled? so get away from me cuz i hate your guts i want i want to rip off your best catch phrase smear your face across the music page gonna rip off your best catch phrase smear your face across the front page "watch out cute gory gory girlfriend" the watchmaker is the watch watch watchman chorus i don't speak loud enough you say, is this loud for you? we don't rock hard enough you say, is this hard enough for you? i don't talk smart enough you say, is this smart enough for you? i don't speak loud enough you say, is this loud enough for you? tech talk watchmaker she's a smart ass kickerx2 tech talk watchmaker smart ass kicker find her tell her you found me a watchmaker i told you how to make a watch how does it feel i told you how to make a watch don't you care? chorus tech talk watchmaker find her tell her you found me a watchmaker tech talk find her a watchmaker

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    I think it's about male attitudes toward female bands.

    1. "do you wanna watch me, can you make them like to see me bleed, are we something you can pick apart"=judging female bands by how attractive they are.
    2. "I asked you what time it was, not how to make a watch."=guys always think they know more about making music. possibly the girl needed help with one thing, and the guy used it as an excuse to act like he had to explain everything to her. The other stuff is mostly challenging the guy and saying they can do all the stuff he says girls can't do, and better. I think what you have as "tech talk" is "tick tock" and "find her a watchmaker" is "finally a watchmaker" but I could be wrong.
    mockingsmileon October 03, 2006   Link
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    Definitely the most kick ass song on the album

    ecap28on May 31, 2013   Link

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