Grand Puba...yeah...uh
Let's talk about it, huh

If ya have a kid with a chick then I hope that chu' love her
There's no stress like Baby Mother
Some of these girls use a baby to get back at a brother
Cause it ain't the same as it was
Some cats bounce, leave the chick to play the daddy and mother
It's all about the kid and not her
If you and her don't work out then you still gotta handle your's nigga
So handle your business nigga

[Verse 1]
She got chu' for everything
The crib and the whip and the bling, ka-ching
Now if ya ain't feelin' shorty like that
Then you better put it on, put it on, put it on, put it on
And shorty if ya feel the same back
Then you better tell dude put it on, put it on, put it on, put it on
There be a whole lot of seeds made from Hennessey and trees
Once you raw dog hit it
The ya ass done committed
Cause ya dick is thinkin'
Too many trees, too much drinkin'
A one time resentment got you a lifetime commitment
You hate her now
You tell her get rid of that shit
But she had three abortions already so she's keepin' it
Now ya got drama with ya soon to be baby mama
Nine months of pregnancy
No hair no seed
It takes two to play
Connect that seed with that ay
So ya better strap it on if ya goin' all the way
Best night of ya life could be the worst of ya days
She'll have you unjust rappers talkin' bout chu' got to pay


[Verse 2]
Now it's mommie's baby, daddy's maybe
If it go like it supposed to then the shit go great
You know what's up, if in doubt, do without
Or get that funny feelin' when ya ass is pullin' out
Like, what I just did
I hope I ain't make no kids
Every week you callin' (Yo you get cho' period?)
Some cats handle they biz some leave mothers stuck
Seed growin' up not knowin' who they daddy is
Misguided, undivided, tryin' hard to find it
Only seein' life one-sided
Come on do you
But if you got a seed make sure you do em' to
The same fuckin' way that chu' would do you
That's what's up, some more hood drama
And the baby daddy frontin' and it just be baby mama
A little bit of something
Is better than a whole lot of nothin'
Cause nothin' from nothin' leave ya nothin'


[Verse 3]
So tell me why oh why
Why did I hit that straight up
I hate them chicks who threatin' niggas with that court shit
That support shit, knowin' a nigga bought shit
You don't want her so she really on some sore sport shit
It ain't about that seed no more, it's all about what she can get
But that's that bullshit but that's how some of em' do
There's only gonna be more drama if ya find somebody new
Now she hatin' you, ya ass is really due
If this new chick that chu' got is lookin' better than she do
Cats be flippin' too, soon as she find somebody new
They be loungin' in the crib, you be like who the fuck is you


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