Uh, uh, yeah, ya-yeah
Ready, ready, ready, ready, uh

Now everybody wants to be rich (Yeah)
Nobody wants to be poor (Uh huh)
Every day ya hope ya hit the lotto (Uh)
So you don't have to slave no more (Yeah, yeah)
In the hood we flip things to them fiends (Uh huh)
Cause even hood niggas got dream (Yeah)
Every day we get caught up in the struggle (Uh)
So we can live life, love, and bubble

[Verse 1]
Some jump up in the music game to get the green
Some do the acting thing to blow up on the movie screen
Some play ball hope they're drafted by a pro team
Some say "man I'ma play the hood and serve the fiends"
Some go to school and after that do that college thing
Some drop out, get high, play the hood and bang
Some do the Wall Street, investors, stocks and bonds
Some don't do shit and still home chilin' with their moms
Some move faster, get their Master's
Doctors, lawyers, self-employors
Some do Mickey-D's or some food spots
Some be radio jocks and slice niggas at barber shops
You got blue-collar cats, you got white-collar cats
You got no-collar cats tryin' to stack a stack
You got cats who spend all day sippin'
And you got cats who just layin' back pimpin'


[Verse 2]
Now you got some who play the store and boost gear
And you got some who hustle heads doin' here
And you got some who secretary, bank tellers
And you got some who just look good for they fellas
You got some who's independent, doin' they thing now
And you got some who wanna be they just don't know how
You got some who babysit, daycare and shit
And you got some who hate they job and wanna quit
You got some who housewives, wanna stay at home
And you got some who's big bosses like Sylvia Rome
You got some who shake for dollars, slide down a pole
And you got some who stressed, playin' the mommy-daddy role
You got some who spend their whole life savin'
You got some who's lookin' for that rest haven
And you got some who tell that boss to kiss they ass
And you got some who think makin' sellin' ends


[Verse 3]
Somebody tried to tell you Heaven or Hell is when ya die
Got chu' guessin' there's a better place up in the sky
See I see Heaven and Hell right here on this planet Earth
But mostly Hell ever since my first day of birth
I've seen Heaven from a distance, use my persistance
Overcome resistance and get me some
Ain't no money trees sittin' outside ya front door
Get up and handle yours if ya tired of bein' poor

[Hook x2]

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