Yeah positivity over comes negativity check it.

A gat don't make you a man cause a man made the gat
So stop with the black on black (x2)

Verse 1:
We got black on black
Black on crack
Knowledge of self is what the black people lack
Grew up in the projects with the welfare and the food stamps
Modern day concentration camps
Where we lost all our unity
Because the negativity pulls us down like gravity
Black people on eath others back
Little shortie sedated thinkin' the way out is by selling cracks
I seen black borthers cry like day by day the number multiply
And the devil don't give a damn long as a black man kills another black man
It makes his job more eaiser
As the tick goes with the tock he's just gettin' sleezier and sleezier
Here's a good example of yourself
Talkin' about a devil on a record they put you on the shelf
As long as you talk about "Yo I bust this nigga and I bust that nigga"
You grow bigger as a rap figure
But that's still black on black welcome back
It's time to graduate from that

Change gon come change gon come time to free the dumb time to free the dumb
Change gon come say what say what so get up out the slum

Verse 2:
Now let's deal on the real don't you set sick of this?
The way we hate eachother the shit's rediculous
It's time to move on to the next phase
Cause there's too many shorties gettin' boxed in the grave
Some think respect is an uzi or a tech
But when he steals your intellect it's like a rope around your neck
That's the 2000 tricknowledge
That's the shit you won't learn in college brother
You get to be strong you got to hold on
You got to know the ledge before you hit the edge
Time to get wise and civilize
Open up your eyes all three eyes and recognzie
What your doing all that bullshit you pursueing
Put your whole life on ruin
Let's kill the black on black vigga
Cause it only gets us locked up or in the box quicker
And that's ain't how you get the cheese
Cause now ya locked up or gunned down by your enemy
But I'm a deader that gat
Remember a gat don't make you a man cause a man made the gat
Word is born

Keep it true God keep it true (x8)

Puba talking:
KnowhatI'msayin'? Time to civilize you know get wise. Think. Stop and think
youknowhatI'msayin'? No doubt. Check it so just...

Stop think, listen to the God hear what he's sayin'. (x2)


No doubt I'd like to send this one out to all the people still striving and
stugglin'to keep it real youknowhatI'msayin'? Not actin' like we keepin' it
real no doubt. Peace and love. That's D on the hook off.

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