Yeah, black woman

[Grand Puba]

This one goes out to all the black woman across

the whole planet Earth, givin our black nation birth

Nothin in this universe is worth your worth

So we dedicate this song, black woman

[Lord Jamar]

This one is for every woman I was ever with

The ones that I cared about and ones I just wanted to hit

I feel ashamed for all the times that I called you a bitch

And I, know I was wrong, can you ever forgive?

The negative, we used to use sex as a sedative

I abused your respect for me

I would choose to react disrespectfully

Never thinkin the impact would come back to me

Now I'm the son, and I know you're my reflection

Let me give you love and my protection

Proper education Allah's correction

Eternal lies, within your eyes

I hope you realize that I apologize, for all the lies

I never meant to make you cry - all the mistakes that I

may have made, and games that I played

Been put to an end, black women

Let me take this time, to let you know

You've been on my mind, and even though

I always haven't been kind

I want to show you that you really divine, sincerely

(repeat 2X)

[Grand Puba]

Now she's the most beautifullest thing in creation

She give me motivation causin constant elevation

Seein more than booty used in lustful situations

So feel the vibrations, she's the mother of our nation

Now for oh so long you stood by us so strong

even when we done wrong, so I dedicate this song

More priceless than a worldly treasure, you bring

love joy pleasure, countless things that are unmeasured

Some raise seeds all alone with no father in the home

but they still find the strength to continue on

I see you more than a crackhead or a chickenhead

or just a piece of somethin I'm tryin to get up in my bed

You often say a lot of times we demean

Sometimes we do to lift the hardhead ones up to queens

Our whole purpose is to give a proper surface

cause the black woman always is a queen

Let me take this time, to let you know

You've been on my mind, and even though

I always haven't been kind

I want to show you that you really divine, sincerely

(repeat 2X)

[Sadat X]

My fondest thoughts and memories go out witchu

And I'm sorry for that time that I hit you

The finest lights you radiate, you lookin bright

And that's why I love you with the chocolate skin

Finer things were never made in this world

There you are lookin like somethin worth somethin

Make me feel pride when you walk with me

Sit down and talk with me, for a minute

It's kinda hard for me not to stray

But I think I'm gonna start today

Hey I'm tryin, at least I ain't lyin

(Like that frontin ass, you know what I'm sayin?)

Send a rose to your wife, she probably saved your life

Put up with cheatin and she mighta got beaten

You can't build a _Foundation_ based on lies and deceit

I'm tryin to be right, I want my cypher complete

Let me take this time, to let you know

You've been on my mind, and even though

I always haven't been kind

I want to show you that you really divine, sincerely

(repeat 2X)

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Album art
Love in a Vacuum
'Til Tuesday
Well, in my opinion this song is about being a young & maybe a little naive &/or introverted girl and finding yourself loving a man who is at first very charming, carefree & outgoing, and seems at first to be without limits, as in "There was a time you opened up every doorway you didn't mind if everything wasn't your way" then that man starts to gradually become more introverted & shows their more possessive/obsessive side to you as the relationship progresses, even while they keep up the appearance of being carefree & outgoing to everyone else, "Don't pull away that goes against what you told me I look in your eyes I realize what you've sold me is love in a vacuum" so you confront them about the way they're acting and of course they deny it, "I think you've changed but you insist that that's not true" quite possibly they are an addict of some sort, my guess would be cocaine, &/or showing very obsessive behavior towards you (early on in the video for this song we see the man hanging a picture up, it is a very large portrait of Aimee & it is prominently displayed in his/their apartment for the duration of the song), thus their "love in a vacuum", "You look so strange, so distant that you're hardly you Now I can see how you have been acting different You say it's me but I know that it isn't it's love in a vacuum" but still you are in love with them and don't want to leave them and you know that they are truly in love with you and they don't want you to leave them either, maybe they are convinced you can save them from themself, maybe they are so broken that the possibility of an overdose &/or suicide attempt is very real and you want to get through to them that their behavior not only dangerous but it is also just pissing you off and if they don't wise up they run the risk of loosing you, as in the lines "You will be lonely if you leave me alone", so you want to save them but can't get through to them due to the addiction &/or emotional problems they have, "Love in a vacuum and that's not enough love in a vacuum You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way You will be lonely if you leave me alone You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way it's just not enough" you want them to understand that the love they are giving you is not enough when it is filtered through the vacuum of their drug addiction &/or emotional impairment, "You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way it's just not enough and just wait you will be lonely Love in a vacuum Love in a vacuum and that's not enough Love in a vacuum". 'Love In A Vacuum' for me is a hauntingly truthful acute argument on the loneliness of obsession and almost inevitable loss of love that follows people who are broken in some way or another; the obsessives, the coke heads, the drunks, addicts or the just-plain-old emotionally broken; a razor sharp, lyrically driven, deceptively poppy, yet ultimately-depressing-in-the-best-way song. Quintessential Aimee Mann.
Album art
The Spy
Doors, The
Like a lot of the other comments are saying, I think this mainly about voyeurism. If the song was about his girlfriend, then why would he use the word spy. If you are a spy it means you shouldn't be caught, that is kind of the whole point, and if you are a voyeur, the whole point of the pleasure you get from it, is the fact that the other people don't know you are watching them. See a bit of a connection there?
Album art
Grand Theft Auto
Insane Ian
The way this song speaks to me🥺🥺when I sing it I feel like I relate
Album art
The Night We Met
Lord Huron
This is a hauntingly beautiful song about introspection, specifically about looking back at a relationship that started bad and ended so poorly, that the narrator wants to go back to the very beginning and tell himself to not even travel down that road. I believe that the relationship started poorly because of the lines: "Take me back to the night we met:When the night was full of terrors: And your eyes were filled with tears: When you had not touched me yet" So, the first night was not a great start, but the narrator pursued the relationship and eventually both overcame the rough start to fall in love with each other: "I had all and then most of you" Like many relationships that turn sour, it was not a quick decline, but a gradual one where the narrator and their partner fall out of love and gradually grow apart "Some and now none of you" Losing someone who was once everything in your world, who you could confide in, tell your secrets to, share all the most intimate parts of your life, to being strangers with that person is probably one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. So Painful, the narrator wants to go back in time and tell himself to not even pursue the relationship. This was the perfect song for "13 Reasons Why"
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Cajun Girl
Little Feat
Overall about difficult moments of disappointment and vulnerability. Having hope and longing, while remaining optimistic for the future. Encourages the belief that with each new morning there is a chance for things to improve. The chorus offers a glimmer of optimism and a chance at a resolution and redemption in the future. Captures the rollercoaster of emotions of feeling lost while loving someone who is not there for you, feeling let down and abandoned while waiting for a lover. Lost with no direction, "Now I'm up in the air with the rain in my hair, Nowhere to go, I can go anywhere" The bridge shows signs of longing and a plea for companionship. The Lyrics express a desire for authentic connection and the importance of Loving someone just as they are. "Just in passing, I'm not asking. That you be anyone but you”