"Gimme a gat I'm bout to smoke this motherfucker!" (2X)

Pass me.. pass me the gat, I gotta fight back

I ain't rollin over on my motherfuckin back (4X)

[Sadat X]

I need seven brothers ready to roll, I mean some real shit

Brothers ready to bust, bust again and again

Snatch the chains off the door my man, this is a stick-up

I ain't bring no funds, just came to snatch the guns

Check it, brothers spread throughout the whole damn store

Don't leave nothin, don't leave a witness

This black man is armed, another man's alarmed

This is the next Vietnam, set it off in the North

My moms is down with it, pops is committed

Something's got to give, I'm like a powder keg

Ready to stick a bank, drivin a high-powered tank

Newsflash -- Brand Nubian, takin fifty hostages

Take em in the basement, feed the punks sausages

(Yo if I don't get em) ?? Twinkies from Hostess

Shoot the faggot in the back for actin like that

From New York, in the East, I'm the black man police

I called the cops for a beef that I had, but they didn't do

a fuckin thing, tellin me to tone down

As if they was a father gettin red in the face

and they threatened me with mace.. so check it out (HEY!)

So now I'm the wise guy but they ain't tryin to bend

That's why I'm here to pretend..

Aiyyo pass the fuckin gat!

"Gimme a gat I'm bout to smoke this motherfucker!"

Pass me.. pass me the gat, I gotta fight back

I ain't rollin over on my motherfuckin back (4X)

[Lord Jamar]

Pass me the gat, and just like that, I squeeze

like a man possessed from the Old West

See I rest in Rule -- keep a tool close

You don't want be the learner that my burner makes toast

Cause today's mathematics is Uzi Does It

I got the automatic stashed in the attic

And it's an Emphatic Now Cipher

if you think you take the life of me without a fight

Huh, I clean my gun with a riprod

Here comes the God who don't eat pig lard

Lord J-A-motherfuckin-M-A-are

Never passive, the crew grows massive

We get wreck with the tech, blow your mind with nine

Plus we got the shotty for your body

Rodney King ain't this God-ly king

Before I take a whippin, I'll dump a fuckin clip in

the police, who give us no peace, to be deceased

I'll have a feast, as I commence to slay the beast

So my advice to black men: stay strapped

Aiyyo aiyyo yo, pass that..

Pass me.. pass me the gat, I gotta stay strapped

I ain't rollin over on my motherfuckin back (8X)

Pass the gat!

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Pass the Gat Lyrics as written by Lorenzo Dechalus Derek Murphy

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    Someone has a very small pennis...very small indeed.

    Yes okay Brand nubian are a group of racist, homophobic, idiots surley you should identify with that. In another life you could have been best friends.

    xoblahxxblahxoon January 11, 2007   Link

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