[both] It ain't no mystery .. (4X)

"Who is that?" "The Supreme Black Man, that's who!" (3X)

"Hoo that's the man!" [both] It ain't no mystery

"Who is that?" "The Supreme Black Man, that's who!" (3X)

"Hoo that's the man!" [both] It ain't no mystery

[Lord Jamar]

Well can you tell me where to find that Mystery God

I don't see him, so you know the shit is kinda hard

I searched and searched, but still there's no sign

It's gotta be a trick for the deaf dumb and blind

Now would you set up home, and wait for a Mystery God

to bring Food, Clothing, and Shelter?

Emphatically no!

Mathematically that just don't go

See me and my people been lost for over 400 years

and done tried this Mystery God

And all we got was hard times

Hunger and nakedness, from the snake that hissed

Beaten and killed by the ones

who say, "Look to the sky for your piece of the pie"

And didn't want to tell you that God's within self

Bloodsuckers of the poor want to keep your wealth

Keep you a slave, so you don't misbehave

You never know the truth til you're dead in your grave

That's when you want to come back, but there ain't no haps

Traps, caught you like a good strong buck, now you're fucked!

But my Third Eye helps me see

that the Black Man's God and yo it ain't no mystery

[both] It ain't no mystery .. (2X)

[Sadat X]

Who is the Mystery God, have you seen him?

You can keep searchin for a trillion years

Keep spreadin dates but he never appears

Crazy delusions of a big white man

Sittin on the throne, magic wand in his hand..

"You go to heaven! Dude, you go to hell!"

Churches think this mystery seems to sell

Join the 10%, duty to sell the eighty-five

You got part of your salary when this old God arrives

I'll be gone, jetti, I nix comedy spook

John ? is foul, but he still know the truth

Organized crime, drop you off in America

Land of the brave, watch the man from the cave

Used to kneel to the cross for the war with the rappers

Used to think it great, to rest ? in plates

Used to pray on my knees to the Mystery for G's

But instead of gettin G's all I got was free cheese

and bad advice, a tie around my neck

Shoot on my collar, to cut off my breath

But now all that's over, reality rules

Deal strictly with the gospel of the ? schools

Preacher preacher you could never be my teacher

Dealin lies and deceit for some brothers from the street

Know that the Black Man is God (the Black Man's God)

There is no mystery

[both] It ain't no mystery .. (2X)

"Who is that?" "The Supreme Black Man, that's who!" (3X)

"Hoo that's the man!" [both] It ain't no mystery

"Who is that?" "The Supreme Black Man, that's who!" (3X)

"Hoo that's the man!" [both] It ain't no mystery

[Lord Jamar]

First soul, black like coal

The Original One, with the power of the sun

Allah's God, always has been always will be

Never could be, a fuckin mystery

But you pray for Jehovah to come

That'll be the day when you leave the slum

Until that time, you just keep eatin swine

Drinkin cheap wine on the welfare line

[Sadat X]

Who's the clown, that didn't paint Jesus brown?

Everybody knows the man was original

When the jam is over I'ma go and take my vegetable

check buy a tech let loose in the Vatican

Courts writin lies, record company is mad again

These Asiatics is racist

Because I love the black faces

So put your bible in the attic cause I didn't come for static

The True and Living G-O-D

It ain't no mystery

[both] It ain't no mystery .. (2X)

"Who is that?" "The Supreme Black Man, that's who!" (3X)

"Hoo that's the man!" [both] It ain't no mystery

"Who is that?" "The Supreme Black Man, that's who!" (3X)

"Hoo that's the man!" [both] It ain't no mystery

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