Two times for the drummer 'fore I start it I say
"Hit me!"
Puba's kickin' flavor, and I brought somebody with me

Positive, the gentlemen, the rapper
Suave, blase, you know dapper

See this is not a song about friends
Because we make the ends, and then we spread the skins

This song becomes a well known tune
And my mic's gonna bloom like a flower in June

We kick much flavor, and you know that
As smooth as the head on a Fed named Kojak

Grip the mic till my hand get calloused
And I'll tell you like Ralph Kramden told Alice
"Bang, zoom!"

It's up, up and away

Grand Puba

And Positive K

Lyrics real sweet like candy

It's just like a condom

We keep one handy!
Go Puba, go Positive
Go Puba, go Positive
Go Puba, go Positive
Go Puba, go Positive

To my adversaries, I'm not ordinary
Not the Godfather, or the Tooth Fairy
Not Jack Spade or Engelbert Humperdink
Listen to this rhyme, and tell us what you think

One, two, three, Grand Puba's on the count
Rhyming gets me papes in very large amount
Brother, you're wrong if you think crime pays
Don't like gays, and take vacations overs holidays

Practice safe sex to prevent strange diseases
Wear my hat, on one night skeezers
I roll dice, but don't bet on the horses
Punks take losses, and I don't reveal my sources

So, um, take the fifth if you're planning to riff
The rhymes spread like Jiff to make your loose knot stiff
Kick up your feet if you're feeling kinda queasy
Relax, (ha ha) take it easy!

You're in good hands, Positive is a survivor
I make rhymes of anything; I'm like McGuyver
If I were a computer, rap would be my program
Since I'm a righteous man, I don't eat ham
I wish more people was alive like me

But Positive

What up, Max?

See, the vocab is lovely, girls be thinkin' of me
Other rappers try to be me, competition can't see me
So, hey, whaddaya say? I got the flow, y'all
If you don't know the time, then you better check the Seiko
Or Timex, I suplex, get biz on the cossacks
Put 'em in a line then I ask, "Who's next?"
Grand Puba, guaranteed to make a big hit
Doin' much damage on this two-man skit
Trying to hold me back won't harm me
And when the gear gets too small, it's for the Salvation Army
So mommy, or mida, away I say, "No one's sweeter!"
(Now, that's funky!)
You see, the style I kick is rugged, I shine like a nugget
Present tense mean you dig it, past tense mean you dug it!
So dance to a light tune, my little doll
Da-nah-nah, da-nah-nah, da-nah-nah, dah
Rock me wit' vibration
Give me a deep meditation
There is none betta than Grand Puba
Baby be get it all togetha
You see the second time around
I hope the label don't flake
And if they do, I go to Drake and say, "Give me a break."
Like Toyota say, I say (Oh, what a feeling)
I bust the foots of Lionel Richie
I caught him dancing on my ceiling

Pass me the mic 'cause I wants to blitz
I'm the best thing that came since grits
The Prince of Rap, lookin' for Cinderella
If you see her, why don't you tell her
I got the shoe in the car out back?
And if she makes the fit, she's in like that
And as a matter of fact
I'm not an actor, but the main factor
Pinpoint and his rhymes is like a protractor
I'm intricated, complicated
Definitely musically related
Rhymes so fly, never been outdated
Gots to be fly by the way I state it
Now, of myself, I say I'm a big fan
Got more rhymes than words by the Letterman
Positive K, you can say he's low key
You might know my name, but, now, look you don't know me
I can be nice and flip like the Son of Sam
Nobody knows exactly how I am
I'm the next, and everybody knows it
Open tours this year, next year I'm a close it
I've got the skills that pays the bills, now
Here's a quote from Stephanie Mills
Don't put a rush on me 'cause my tempo's slow
And if I don't tell you, then how would you know?

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Grand Puba, Positive and L.G. Lyrics as written by MAXWELL DIXON

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