"We are ready ladies and gentlemen"
"It's star time!"
"Million dollar man!"

Once again as we swing this ep' with the Grand Puba
If I seen you kick it once, I seen you slam it a thousand times
You gots to flow with this one G

Grand Puba comin-in-a-rhyme dancehall style, see?
Ha, you thought I couldn't do dat

Dem say, who can busy like dis man?
And if dem search the whole land dem not find a man
Puba is the one to make dem fly girls have a ba-all
See other-dem MC's, dem not scare me
Mi bredgrins say me can't wait to hear me
You want it done right, den give Grand Pu' a ca-all
Not let me get busy on this one..

See brothers be wishin' that's why they're eager to listen
Tryin' to do me but see they're no competition
Grand Puba's the type, to get hype, to any funky sound
Never the type, to give a damn about a hand-me-down
Papers of rhymes of mine are stacked high like lumber
If hun wants to swing ep', she takes my beeper number
The skills go back to the days of flippin' coins
Pasttime readin' books by my man Donald Goines
But I'm not a pimp, and I don't walk with a limp
You can say I know the game, 'cause I know how to treat a dame
So knock three times on my ceiling if you got the feeling
Grand Puba's good for sexual healing
Lord have mercy this is lovely, I'll say splendid
Puba's on the stage, and I'm glad you all attended
Rhymin to the beat, is the way I make my money
I'll buy, sweets for my sweets and, no sugar for my honey
Brothers get, played for their papes
And if a stunts tried to play me, I'll hang her like some drapes
Puba's the man, and you can't run the flam
So take it elsewhere, my dear
See others try so hard to be this
Competition tries so hard to see this
But I let 'em know, I'm not the one
So see the next one, wha-oh-eee whoa!
I'll slap five to a brother who ain't about no jive
I'll smack ten to a friend who hooked me off with skins
See I'm the type of brother and I like to have fun
She said, "69," I said, "68, and I owe you 1"
The style I kick, you will remember
And when I step to other rappers, you better yell timber
'Cause they're fallin '
They're fallin'

False, clat! Pull it up now
You know you're sizzlin! Pull it up selector!
Easy now, easy now! Start rappin' now!

Puba I love you so
Never never never gonna let you go
Once, I, get my hands on you
Puba I love you so
Never never never gonna let you go
I hope you feel the same way too

Hey c'mon honey you know I feel the same way
But I'mma do this my way
And I'mma do like this baby

See it doesn't really matter if the place is big or small
'Cause MC Grand Puba come fi rhyme dancehall!
I'm flippin' the wigs of those who gig
I never renege on girls who dig
The super supreme, one of the team of three
See I'm one of the best with most finesse
I really suggest you do not mess
Or try to test the very best at this
Do you really wanna know what's next? I gotcha gotcha gotcha
Grand Puba is one of the best I rocked ya rocked ya rocked ya
Here I step, with the rep that's kept
In a orderly fashion, sucker MC's I'm mashin'
It's only one more verse I think that really need to be said
It's that I'm bad, bad inna wicked in bed
La la la la-la la, whoa la la la la-la, la la
La la la la-la la it's the Grand Pu-ba
Now hit me now selector!

Who can busy like dis man?
And if dem search the whole land dem not find a man
Puba is the one to make dem fly girls have a ba-all
See other-dem MC's, dem not scare me
Mi bredgrins say me can't wait to hear me
If you want it done right, then give Grand Pu' a ca-all
Not let me get busy like this

See my man Vance Wright he get a (Nuff respect)
Sincere, Pos K get a (Nuff respect)
To my man Ron Stud he get a (Nuff respect)
And my cousin Dr. Who he get a (Nuff respect)
To my cousin Jeff Jeff he get a (Nuff respect)
And all the brothers and sisters across the universe
They get a (Nuff respect)
I'd like to say peace to my Brand Nubian brothers
Lord Jamar, Derek X, and Alamo with the A and L.G (Nuff respect)

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Who Can Get Busy Like This Man... Lyrics as written by Maxwell Dixon

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