Yeah we're gonna swing this one to the right
Want to give a shout to my man Pos K
My man Big Daddy, he's cool
Now Rule Mob
Check it out

Well honey here's a hickie, Puba's not a quickie
When it comes to skins, God damn I'm picky
Who will be the princess to occupy the prince?
And if she's less than dope I hope the limo's got tints
Now honey, you see this may sound profound
But let me love you down
And if I'm Uptown I'm back downtown
All the skins I've been in I gets no frowns
You see doo-doo MC's, really think they can outlast
I smell gas
As a youngin' I was thefty, born as a lefty
The rhymes I drop, somethin' more than hefty
Roll like a Ranger, Puba's no stranger
For those who try to diss me, uh-oh, danger
Used to drink the Olde E, coolers, just be goldie
When I played soccer with the dreads I play goalie
Here steps the one that's capable, of slaughterin'
For those who want to bite get the catalog, start orderin'
'Cause, Puba's shit is on stock Ock
I shape the wig like a woodblock
I like to dip dip dive, a Benz I'm soon to drive
I guess you can call this my nine to five
I send my lust to scoop skins with my skin buster
Freak the mind and butt behind and I gots the Georgia
But hang on for a sec!
You don't have to worry about the Puba gettin' wreck
'Cause to me see it's more than likely
And if I flow too fast, let me, slow down slightly
Let's take a trip expenses paid money grip
Don't flake or flam, 'cause Puba's not havin' it

Derek X to the right
C'mon and clap your hands for Zulu Nation
C'mon and clap your hands for Zulu
C'mon and clap your hands for Zulu Nation
C'mon and clap your hands for Zulu

You see me rock a video and slam shit up on 'Feels So Good'
There was no doubt about it, 'cause I knew that I would
Before I kick these lyrics that I rip and I rule with
This girl done tried to cram 'cause she was down with the old school
She, smacked me, attacked me, harassed me 'til I swung
But I made her see stars 'cause her bell rung
(See an Uptown girl is much different than a downtown girl)
No, I'm, not a wife beater
No, I'm, not a girl cheater
I nipped this problem in the butt
With my force from the Rule and my man Ron Stud (Word to life)
So give a shout if you know what I'm talkin' about
And if you don't then brother you're lost
I had a Ross, traded it in for a horse
It died, I made glue, it's no loss
I'm the boss at my job 'cause I hire all workers
Tired of the sob story tear jerkers
Compassion, for fashion never seen in our slums
Never sold work, never handled no gems
So que sera sera as the fat lady sings
But when the bell toll is the song I sing
Taken up the flights, whether Uptown or Crown Heights
I pound a bunch of you after lunch 'cause I do right
Appear from the rear with my Clan, and I'm the Cave Bear
Rip up the street on my worldwide tear
So loudly my troops, and let's form three groups
Wreck time is here, so let's get paid on free loops

Allah Jamar to the right
Peace God! (Yo knowledge the God) Peace God!

You're captivated by the science 'cause the lesson's mathematical
Jamar rockin' the jam, is an emphatical
Why, equal, Knowledge Born
I go on, although clothes get torn
By weaker Cypher men 'cause what came from my pen
Made 'em lust, now I must
Rush out the back door, in-to the alley
Girls in pursuit, enough to form a rally
I didn't want to scuff up my brand new Bally's
So I made a quick dip, like I was goin' back to Cali
Took the Lear jet, don't fear yet
Comin' on your earset
So as I hit program, you know I'm gonna slam
'Cause even in my name there's a funky live "Jam"
Don't eat Spam or no types of ham
Polite to all women so I say, "Yes ma'am!"
Sniffin' a gram ain't flam, it's kinda weak
Jamar I keep you open through the rhymes I speak
Not down with a frat, no I ain't no Greek
A Message From a Blackman is what you seek!

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To The Right Lyrics as written by Maxwell Dixon Lorenzo Dechalus

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