Well ah, good evening my Nubian brothers and sisters ah
Tonight we got a really big show ah really big show ah
Conducting his Concerto in X Minor
We have, the brother, Derek X
Ahh, his theme tonight, will be on
Racism, in a New York, backdrop
Brother Derek X

Ah yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you
And all of that, yo
Before I get this wreck I want to give a strong shout
To all the positive brothers and sisters that's out there
And I just want to let y'all know
Who I came down here with
I slid in here with Lord J
And Alamo with the A
And I came to get wreck, like this

I'm kinda blessed so I wrote this manifesto for life
Co-signed by the others with a knife
On the real tip let's take a field trip from the ghetto
You pick the time and we'll meet in the meadow
To discuss racial issues and tension
New York's a powder keg did I forget to mention?
Now case in point y'all remember that Brooklyn Bridge joint
When things got wild and willy?
Yeah that day the Feds played the role of the bully

"Up against the car"
"Yo I ain't even do nuttin' man"
"Ayo shut up or eat this night stick"
"Yo why you pushin' me, why you hittin' me man?"

Now Huey Newton was slain and we all felt the pain
Of Yusef Hawkins, and they was mad but we was squakin'
They tried to show a false compassion, yet at the rally
They tried to bash in our brains
Further adding to the bloodstains
I was mad at this news and so was my brothers
And I wanted to get violent but I'm a lover of black mothers
And black mothers need sons
Not children that's been killed by guns
It's, just another form of slavery, a modern day lynchin'
The others get reward, the black man feels the tension
Inside, not out to hide, just provides us all the answer
I will stop racial injustice if I get the chance to

Now, the
Civilized man's main goal is to teach
And I try to achieve this with verbal outreach
In my community, and all outlaying counties
Spread the message of good with my Now Rule mighty
Step up to the right, dispense and be known
Remember what I said is to teach your own
At home first, and as we disperse
I sparks your head like a cloudburst
Ya don't stop, ya don't quit
Derek X I'm guaranteed to be the ultimate
(Brother Derek X) I kicks the flavor

So bust that I drop the stack from an almanac
It's all truth so it's got to be a shown fact
So keep on this is the dawn of the Capricorn Turtle
A rhyme that I kick is stored daily in my journal
Or my diary when speakin' on the black man I gets fiery

The record's in the record store, category's black war
Best you ever saw and it comes in a three or a four pack
In a month or two I'll be back
To confer with you on both of my works
In my contract, I get crazy perks from Elektra
See me kick this rhyme and I covered the whole spectrum
This is the final verse, grand finale in Crescendo
Message substance of the X cannot be thrown out the window
Unseen, lean two years past the teen
Never use makeup got a natural sheen
It's like that y'all let's have a ball
I'm Derek X about six feet tall

Yeah and as I stop this wreck for one sec
I want to give a shout to the Grand Puba
Also to club kid Marley Marl
Pete Rock from the Vernon
I want to give a shout to Mike P and Cherokee also in Tucson
Rich with the carry on
I want to give a shout to all the Gods in Now Rule
Melacasis, Sea and my man True Born
I want to give a shout to Big Bob
Scooby Real and the whole Mob from the Stallion Mark the Spark
And I'm outta here

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Concerto in X Minor Lyrics as written by Derek Murphy

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