Uh, uh oh
Startin' to feel this
Startin' to feel it

[Black Rob]
Yo, who these cats think they is takin' they biz that's round here?
Yo, dog, don't even go there
This is ours; we built this from the ground on up
Now it's flowers; I think you best a round on up
Your entourage - slim chance of y'all gettin' large
It's non-cipher; that's because B.R.'s in charge
It's set here; cats is known for gettin' wet here
And left here, till the cops come pick us up

[Mark Curry]
Step in a territory that's corrupt, pushin' your luck
Intrudin' wishes is already sowed up; n**** fold up
You and your crew and peoples will get slain
This ain't the place to try and gain fame from
You gets burnt in the streets a n**** worked hard to make
And I'll be damned if I let another brother take it
Alive for his own sake; they better vacate
Promptly, 'fore they get they a** stomped
Listen, take heed to what we sayin', n****s

We won't lie; sometimes we stick 'em up
Last time, it was enough, though word life some hos did 'em up
And nine glocks set 'em up
I know it was your dough 'cause I was right there when they split it up
I could tell you where to find the corpse
But that cheddar - I'm afraid, dog, that's gone forever

[Mark Curry]
Greed for wealth got us stingy
We got a spot that's hot
N****s envy the fact that we clock mad dough
They want to see us shut down, but, no
I don't think so; the crew is still rakin' the cash flow
For every dime bag sold on this block, we want in
One slug behind the back; it's under the skin
When n****s try to step to the block and Bogard
We can't see it happenin'
Warn them first; get the f*** out of dodge
Better believe that; test it
See if we won't put you on your back, n****s


[Black Rob]
Now bein' that it's all out war
I'm bringin' more than that four-by-four
Watch me dispose of all y'all
Y'all fraud a** n****s
Tape me reboard a** n****s
Gun bigger than sword a** n****s
Now enter in the ring, gun drawn, makin' moves like pawns
Two at a time, comin' for mine
Like a song, n****, CBS, he can't be serious finesse
He don't believe I keep a gun in the vest

[Mark Curry]
You think you can disgrace this empire we built from scratch?
You stupid; I wouldn't care how ruthless your crew is
We got defense on this area; try to attack
Mad n****s on the barriers that's dyin' of blast back
There be no givin' and no takin', definitely no breakin'
Laws we lay down; here's the situation
Severe torture is what those who don't feel us face
I show no love for a punk-a** n**** we hate
Try to pay me no bribe, then come up missin'
Happens to hard-headed n****s when they don't listen
I gave you fair warnin' 'bout the danger you're messin' with
A stranger invadin' the street corners are goners
Try me, if you think it's a lie, the attitude many n****s had
But in the process many die
Thinkin' they can step to the block and Bogard
And couldn't see it happenin'
Warned 'em first: get the f*** outta dodge


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Muscle Game Lyrics as written by Mario Mendell Winans Carl Thomas

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