Hello Ladies
Omillio Sparks
Oschino Vasquez
Uh - Hunh
Mommy Do you want me?

Mami do you want me?
Cause I done grew feelings for you boo
I see what you go through
I'm going through the same things too

In the beginning basic, live for the moment
Fuck it, swinging on the weekend
Elto and drinking, kickin
Relationship platonic
Meanwhile the time flying
I think I'm getting caught up in feelings
I ask myself Sparks what is you doin?
You drawin, You don't even know her
And already you Carl Thomas ‘Emotional'
What is it? The twat or the back massages?
This I, like you shit, got real confusing
I ran to my homies for answers, but they just say fuck it
But every time I turn around they trying to fuck you
Uncle Lano told me let you go (let her go)
But my conscience said NO, I think I got something here
She finish school and working on her career

Mommy do you want me?
Cause I then grew from
I see what you go
I'm going through the same things too
Mommy do you want me?
Cause I then grew from
I see what you go
I'm going through the same things too

Met you on a ski trip
Just wanted to skeet quick
I think we was dancing to uhhh Fiesta Remix
You had ya ice and ya Louie Vuitton bucket on
But I was anxious to see you with nothing on
Ya skin was smoother than The Isley Brothers
I had rubbers, plus my pockets was filled with the Franklin Brothers
We had sex once, we had sex twice
Before I knew it we was smuttin every night
You was too fly for Lerners
Plus my dick fit perfect in ya wet, bushy, hot fur burger
My niggas said I'm open, they say I'm wrong
But they ain't see how ya ass just swallow a thong
Teeth straight like drug money
She had her own money
She had a son, he was fly he used to love money
She drink red Ali', I drink straight Belvy
Now she love when I come home so she can straight nail me

Mommy do you want me?
Cause I then grew from
I see what you go
I'm going through the same things too
Mommy do you want me?
Cause I then grew from
I see what you go
I'm going through the same things too

[Young Chris]
Holla at me Mommi
Excuse me miss
What's ya name? Where ya from?
How can I cum?
Possibly can take you out tonight?
I got friends with me
Bottle of Belvy in the Benz with me
Come to condo get it in with me
And tell ya friends that you been with me
Cause time the only thing you can spend with me
I tell her trick what? Lace who? That ain't what Chris do
Got a lot of girls but be good if I get you
Have the hood rats against you now
That's all I need is a mommy with potential
Know how to roll the trees up for Papi
Overseas trips to Papi
Type bitch I let count the cheese up without me
Yea show her to the family
and if everybody feeling you, then boo we can grow into a family

Mommy do you want me?
Cause I then grew from
I see what you go
I'm going through the same things too
Mommy do you want me?
Cause I then grew from
I see what you go
I'm going through the same things too

Lyrics submitted by spliphstar, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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