...alright, let’s tell ‘em what time it is...

ever since i can remember i hated bein’ nameless
dreamt many years about bein’ famous
since the beginning of time, i’ve been a fighter
by the time i could write i was a songwriter
i spoke out about the things that got me pissed
it’s true i was born with a mic in my fist
i told about my younger life when i did stupid things
like hang with the crew called the Suicide Kings
YEAH, those were the days, G!
i thought it was cool, but now it’s just crazy.
doin’ those things, i coulda got knocked off
i remember some punk almost knocked my block off
i’m glad those days are finally behind me
but as long as i live, they’ll always remind me
to try reach suckaz so they won’t make the same mistakes
no matter what it takes!

i’ve always been dissed for my beliefs
rap music, tho, gives me relief
i will never back down, i’ll take my stand
and say what i feel with a mic in my hand.
your parents and your school wanna shut me up
but i don’t care ‘cos i’ve had enough
i won’t quit this shit ‘cos i’m raw
i work Above the Law!

and i won’t stop, and i won’t quit!
i’m gonna kick this shit!

the other day, i was mindin my business
some fool walked up and said, “yo, what is this?”
“Ice, you’re a chump, you’re wack, you’re a geek.
“You can’t rap worth a crap and your rhymes are weak.”
Now this little wigga was down on his luck
i called him a dick ‘cos he is what he sucks
it was plain to see he was bein’ rude
i remembered that jam i did: i got an attitude
i reached back and put my hand on my steel
rage and anger was all i could feel
i said, “i’d break out now if i were you
“you’re poppin’ more shit than they got at a zoo.”
but he only stood there and chuckled
so i smacked him in the face with my brass knuckles
he went down in a pool of blood
there was so much, it seemed like a flood
am i weak now? am i still wack?
what could he say? his skull was cracked.
i didn’t care, he was just a number
and whaddaya know? now he’s six feet under
step to me, sucka, you’ll get a cracked jaw
i work Above the Law!

and i won’t stop, and i won’t quit!
i’m gonna kick this shit!

you can ban my record, control what i say
but it will still get to your kids, anyway
i’ve got millions of underground outlets
the world will hear my voice, no doubt about it!
it will get to you, and i’ll come correct
the music will grip you, ya can’t hit “eject”
it’ll play on and on, it won’t stop, Tipper Gore
til every single body drops to the fuckin floor
some say raps just a fad and it will come to pass
that’s too bad ‘cos i got news for yo ass
as long as the Man wants to take advantage
i’ll keep kickin the real and do the man damage!

i’ll be the baddest muthafucka that you ever saw!
i work Above the Law!

and i won’t stop, and i won’t quit!
i’m gonna kick this shit!

“how you like me now,” i say?
after i wipe the sweat from my brow, i don’t play
i’m cuttin no slack, jack,
i’m swingin’ my black jack,
i’m takin’ no slap-crap
while i’m peelin’ yo cap back!
my gat’s strapped for any punk who wanna base me
tell the little wigga to check himself or face me
he’s crazy if he thinks he can take me
i been rappin’ for years, ain’t nobody can break me
don’t mistake me for just another midwestern boy
‘cos i guarantee you’ll get played like a toy!

i work Above the Law!

and i won’t stop, and i won’t quit!
i’m gonna kick this shit!

Lyrics submitted by roger wilco

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Album art
Love in a Vacuum
'Til Tuesday
Well, in my opinion this song is about being a young & maybe a little naive &/or introverted girl and finding yourself loving a man who is at first very charming, carefree & outgoing, and seems at first to be without limits, as in "There was a time you opened up every doorway you didn't mind if everything wasn't your way" then that man starts to gradually become more introverted & shows their more possessive/obsessive side to you as the relationship progresses, even while they keep up the appearance of being carefree & outgoing to everyone else, "Don't pull away that goes against what you told me I look in your eyes I realize what you've sold me is love in a vacuum" so you confront them about the way they're acting and of course they deny it, "I think you've changed but you insist that that's not true" quite possibly they are an addict of some sort, my guess would be cocaine, &/or showing very obsessive behavior towards you (early on in the video for this song we see the man hanging a picture up, it is a very large portrait of Aimee & it is prominently displayed in his/their apartment for the duration of the song), thus their "love in a vacuum", "You look so strange, so distant that you're hardly you Now I can see how you have been acting different You say it's me but I know that it isn't it's love in a vacuum" but still you are in love with them and don't want to leave them and you know that they are truly in love with you and they don't want you to leave them either, maybe they are convinced you can save them from themself, maybe they are so broken that the possibility of an overdose &/or suicide attempt is very real and you want to get through to them that their behavior not only dangerous but it is also just pissing you off and if they don't wise up they run the risk of loosing you, as in the lines "You will be lonely if you leave me alone", so you want to save them but can't get through to them due to the addiction &/or emotional problems they have, "Love in a vacuum and that's not enough love in a vacuum You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way You will be lonely if you leave me alone You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way it's just not enough" you want them to understand that the love they are giving you is not enough when it is filtered through the vacuum of their drug addiction &/or emotional impairment, "You will be lonely you'll be the only one who feels this way it's just not enough and just wait you will be lonely Love in a vacuum Love in a vacuum and that's not enough Love in a vacuum". 'Love In A Vacuum' for me is a hauntingly truthful acute argument on the loneliness of obsession and almost inevitable loss of love that follows people who are broken in some way or another; the obsessives, the coke heads, the drunks, addicts or the just-plain-old emotionally broken; a razor sharp, lyrically driven, deceptively poppy, yet ultimately-depressing-in-the-best-way song. Quintessential Aimee Mann.
Album art
The Spy
Doors, The
Like a lot of the other comments are saying, I think this mainly about voyeurism. If the song was about his girlfriend, then why would he use the word spy. If you are a spy it means you shouldn't be caught, that is kind of the whole point, and if you are a voyeur, the whole point of the pleasure you get from it, is the fact that the other people don't know you are watching them. See a bit of a connection there?
Album art
Battle Royale
Word Alive, The
This song is def a twin to "Unfair" (a song she has been quoted as saying is about falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship) so it is presumably about the same person. Given the references to buying an apartment and not being able to see her love interest "after tonight," it's most likely that she's moving away and she'll "wait a day to break the bad news" (i.e. notifying him that she's leaving once she's already gone). And, of course, the fact that she sees in him a fellow "idealist" and "dreamer" (terms commonly given to people with the INFP personality on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)) portends that she'll always be left wondering if they would've been perfect together.
Album art
Both as a standalone and as part of the DSOTS album, you can take this lyric as read. As a matter of public record, Jourgensen's drug intake was legendary even in the 1980s. By the late 90s, in his own words, he was grappling with massive addiction issues and had lost almost everything: friends, spouse, money and had nearly died more than once. "Dark Side of the Spoon" is a both funny & sad title for an album made by a musical genius who was losing the plot; and this song is a message to his fans & friends saying he knows it. It's painful to listen to so I'm glad the "Keith Richards of industrial metals" wised up and cleaned up. Well done sir.
Album art
Taylor Swift
The song 'Fortnight' by Taylor Swift and Post Malone tells a story about strong feelings, complicated relationships, and secret wishes. It talks about love, betrayal, and wanting someone who doesn't feel the same. The word 'fortnight' shows short-lived happiness and guilty pleasures, leading to sadness. It shows how messy relationships can be and the results of hiding emotions. “I was supposed to be sent away / But they forgot to come and get me,” she kickstarts the song in the first verse with lines suggesting an admission to a hospital for people with mental illnesses. She goes in the verse admitting her lover is the reason why she is like this. In the chorus, she sings about their time in love and reflects on how he has now settled with someone else. “I took the miracle move-on drug, the effects were temporary / And I love you, it’s ruining my life,” on the second verse she details her struggles to forget about him and the negative effects of her failure. “Thought of callin’ ya, but you won’t pick up / ‘Nother fortnight lost in America,” Post Malone sings in the outro.