Was on your mind?
Can't stop thinkin about that tramp
All day, dreamin about havin sex with da bieatchhhhh
Quit cho girlfriend for a slut
I know you love dat tramp

Verse 1: Too $hort

You know it shows
Da way you love her
Da way you touch her
You wanna fuck her all da time
Was on your mind
Can't shake da thought
You feel like she's your soulmate
Can't wait to walk down da aisle wit da tramp
It's true love cause she's da only one your thinkin of
You don't care about da dick she suck
You gonna miss her
Ask no questions
Just turn kiss her
She's everything you looking for, in a woman
Wake up early in da mornin
And give you sumpthin
That's more pleasure than material wealth
You can't feel that good all by yourself
Let alone the last bitch you had was kinda frigid
Couldn't get on top and she didn't lick dick
Well now you got a bitch that’s like to lick your ass
Take you out to dinner and she give you some cash
There's only one flaw
You know she ain't faithful
You still tryin to stick to the tramp like a staple
I ain't mad at you
I fucked befo'
You done slipped up and got you a real good ho
I know god damn well, it's you life
Why you tryin to turn a ho into a house wife
She's just a cum freak (oooooooooooooooo)
Let you shoot it on her face (oooooooooooooooooo)
Do it on da first day (oooooooooooooooooooo)
She's gotta have dat taste
I know you love her


I know you love her ( I know you love her)
But she's a tramp bitch ( She's a tramp bieatch)
I know you love her ( I know you love her)
But she's a tramp bitch (Tramp bitch, tramp bitch)

Verse 2: Slink Capone

Well she can suck my dick
And it break jaw
Had em ho's
Love it when I nut in there face
Cause they say it taste like ?????
Take off da draws
Let da homies hit
Ain't no future in ya front
Cause youze a freak and you won't admit it
Sittin in da passanger seat
Lookin pretty
Your attuitude is shitty
But all I wanna do is kill a kitty
Oh, you wanna free ride?
Bitch get your ass out
You can keep on walkin til you get to hot and pass out
When we was at you mama's house your hand was on my leg
Makin my dick rise up
Now I'm ready to fuck
But you insist on makin a nigga wish for it
Takin shit for it
But girl I ain't goin to spend a brick for it
One thing you gotta doooooo
To be a G like meeeee
Be down to make them bitches catch that RTD
Bitches be fakin
Suckin dick or videotapin
When they hear about the money you makin they yellin way
But you can fuck, fight and hitchhike
I know you love her (I know you love her)

Too Short

That’s right
Ain't givin no bitches no kind of slack
(Because she's a tramp bieatchh)

Verse 3: Too Short

You know it ain't nothin wrong
Whats goin on
As long as you ain't mad when she don't come home
Cause baby ain't frontin
And that’s how it is
You gotta get use to sharin your bitch
If you had another girl, you knew she wouldn't care
But ain't tryin to be no ice cold playa
Sayin stupid shit, like take me car
She hit the next nigga house and go make him hard
Fuck him real good cause she's gotta have it
Men can't resist her cause shes a bad bitch
Fell in love wit her, your not da first
Face in her thighs
Can't stop the thirst
She could be worse
Get back wit your first
Her pussy's so dead you could ride it in a hearse
Only missionary style
You can't get wild
She's the kind of woman that could have your child
But there ain't no turnin around
Your posted like a lamp
Nigga fucked around and fell in love wit a tramp
Face lit like a bug, everytime you see her
She takin off her clothes and you can't wait to eat her
So good, you wanna stay wit da freak
If you could you would fuck her every day of da week
I know you love her (ooooooooooooooooo)
But you can't stay naked (oooooooooooooo)
Gotta keep this kinda shit in the right perspective


Verse 4: Slink Capone

Uh, don't act like you don't want to lick me
Pretendin youze da bomb
Me and da homies had you gone off a 40 ounce of mickeys and a bag of
That's all I got
To make da situation hot
It got graphic in traffic
Had to back on up
I had to pull up to your bumber
And gun the, nut on your back and your neck
And now you got a hairy bone and a link
Compilament of ?????? Slink
Don't trip, next time you wanna see safe sex
I had da shit taped up on the VHS
I taped all da hoes, all my bitches
And then watch em later on da 52 inches
Baller style cause we livin in da killa Cali kingdom
Big heat, big dick and big nuts is all I bringin
Next time I want to see you I'll pop another 23
I'll be watchin you but you can't see me
I know you love her


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