And it don't stop to the beat, baby
Funky Fresh on the microphone
One time for your mind, beeyatch (Beeyatch)
Short Dogg's in the motherfuckin house
doin what we always do, a stack
(Gettin money) Gettin money (Gettin money)
Chorus: Too $hort, (Slink Capone)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(Fuck a secret indictment, all I do is write shit)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(You got the wrong rappers, nigga you better tell em!!)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(Tell em Short, tell em!!!)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory

[Verse One:]
You broke the law, and you got caught
Got a good lawyer, case is bein fought
Life is full of choices, make em at the crossroads
If you had five, you already lost four
Straight apprehended, handcuffed and can't stand it
Don't want to go to jail but you was caught redhanded
A felony, strike number two
Federal Agents like, "What you want to do?"
Make a choice, so you start to think back
Short Dogg was a nigga that always rapped
Half my life ago, didn't sell no dope
I sold dope fiend music for your stereo
Sittin at the crossroads in '84
I knew hella motherfuckers that was slangin coke
Use to tell my homeboys, front me a sack
Postin me at the dopehouse dumpin the crack
My niggas wouldn't do it, I love em for that
'cause now I still rap and get paid to gat
Since '87, that's how the shit comes
We made two hundred thousand in six months
Sellin tapes not cakes, cheques kept comin
Fuck buyin *?boats?*, niggas makin hundreds
Legit, you think I'm stupid, bitch
I bought a studio so I can do this shit
Chorus: Too $hort, (Slink Capone)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(You got it twisted, Bridget
Why pressin charges when I'm depressin hard and shit)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(Run tell em, tell em Short, tell em)

[Verse Two:]
I used to sell weed in high school, smoked the profit
I never sold *?company due?*, I can't knock it
'cause the inner city public school system is fucked
Go to class all day, you ain't gettin enough
So at 3:15 it's time to put in work
Buy you some dope and go hit the turf
Ain't no scholarship, no rap contract
but a nigga get paid sellin hop and crack
I got lucky, it's not a get-rich scheme
I've been sellin rap tapes since I was 15
I told the Oakland police, too many times
I make a lot of money doin pimp rhymes
I never sell drugs to jeopardise my freedom
You never could make me realise I need em
I went from hundreds, to hundreds to thousands, to millions
I know what police want, I feel em
I'm always ballin right there in the hype
Instantly, dope dealer stereotype
but shit is serious, I know I never sold drugs
so why these motherfuckers tryin ta roll me up?
And smoke me, why? No one knows
The only thing I did wrong was fuck all ya hoes
I don't smoke coke blunts and sho' don't sell em
Call the FBI, somebody please tell em

[Chorus:Too $hort, (Slink Capone)]
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(All you motherfuckers is lookin at us rock jewelery and shit
That's all you are)
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(Somebody better tell em we got receipts)

[Verse Three:]
Rap is brand new, not long ago
Made a billion dollars last year round the globe
Now all the little kids can't let it go
to the new millennium with a brand new flow
Too $hort baby straight from the O
If you're like me, you're tryin ta make some doe
Roll to the spot and try ta break a hoe
Pimp her real hard and then take it slow
When I rap to a bitch, I'm a pro
I spit this game like never befo'
Grab the microphone and always rock the show
then I grab me a freak, tell her "Keep it on the low"
If I take her to my house she won't say no
I burn rubber with the bitch in my fo'-fifty-fo'
California niggas drop the top and roll
Stare up at the mountains, won't see no snow
I go coast to coast smokin indo
If my bitch actin up, I fuck her friend so
don't investigate me for sellin dope
If you see me rollin clean through the ghetto
I'm probably on my way to the studio
Probably playin somethin loud on the stereo
Short Dogg, don't forget the funk motto:
'Free your mind and your ass will follow'

[Chorus:Too $hort, (Slink Capone)]
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(We're up why'all in this motherfuckin holdin tank for hidin snitch ass
Tell the Feds we ain't runnin no coke factory
(Nigga, I was promoted a tour of Kentucky nigga, and D.C.)

[Outro: Slink Capone]
Pop this shit, be outta state, niggas is hella fake
Moms ain't mess with the motherfuckin phone
My girl, she's fuckin up, god damn!
Nigga you better stop all that motherfuckin snitchin
Tell them motherfuckers we ain't runnin no motherfuckin coke factory
Tell em, tell em!! TELL EM!!!
Let em know, TELL EM!!!!

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Tell the Feds Lyrics as written by Todd Anthony Shaw Quinton Banks

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