Too Short: Nigga what,nigga what,nigga what

East Side Boyz:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Us niggas from the south be representing shit
And trying to keep these player haters of our dick
Never fucking with these loud ass clicks and crews
And bucking down busters that be acting rude
Cause these niggas and these hoes be with some other shit
They like to talk behind your back but in your face they ride yo dick
That's why I stay tight with my crew,
so what you gone do when we come for you

Chorus repeat 4X: (in background)

What the fuck you gone do nigga, what the
What the fuck you gone do, what you gone do (repeat 4X)

(Hook): East Side Boyz

Represent yo' click motherfucker
And if you don't then you must be a buster (repeat 2X)
Now put your middle finger up motherfucker (repeat 2X)
Now drop them bows on them motherfucking suckers (repeat 2X)
Now get crunk motherfucker get crunk (repeat 2X)
Now get drunk motherfucket get drunk (repeat 2X)
Now tell them hoes to drop they clothes
And cut something for the motherfucking d-lo's


Too $hort:

Short short, short, short
Now I don't give a fuck about ya' benz or ya light-skinned bitch
I don't give a fuck who you tell you don't like this shit
The fact still stand you got one girlfriend
And I fill like the whole world's pimp
I can't be like you, always acting fake
I can tell you how much a real mac can make
A million dollars ain't shit to spend
Get some new hoes and get it again
So don't tell me what'cha wish for
You wanna be kept by a rich hoe
Bitch ass nigga, I'm trying to get me a lick
She better pay me right now she wanna get some dick
I told cha' got the game from the old niggas
Everytime I park my car him come the gold diggers
With the easy pussy sign on display
If you looking for some money don't come this way

(Hook): Too Short

You couldn't be a better player than me
Even if you fucked every day of the week
I know you think you got it like that with P
I be fucking hoes everyday of the week biiitch!!!


Too $hort:

Now I don't give a fuck about cha' phone book and all ya' pictures
Chilling at the club with all ya bitches
Lying on ya' dick save the drama
Got my eye on ya' bitch and ya baby mama, catch ya' snoozing
You know the rules pimp ya' bitch is chosing, ya' bout' to lose them
Yelling get cha' ass in the car bitch
But I'm much to fast with this hard dick
Short dog took ya' broad, it just can't be
Ya' bitch sucked me and fucked me and than she think me
I know the whole story, you ain't serving it right
I'll probably stop by and put some work in tonight

(Hook): Too Short

You couldn't be a better player than me
Even if you fucked everyday of the week
I know you think you got it like that with P
I be fucking hoes every day of the week
I know you couldn't be a better player than me
Even if you rode in luxury
I know you smoke colting that top notch freak
You never could be a better player than me, biiitch!!!


(Hook:) East Side Boyz
Now what's up fuck nigga what's up (repeat 2X)
You gone buck fuck nigga then buck (repeat 2X)
Ya' boys done left ya' now ya' stuck (repeat 2X)
Ain't got no pistol on ya ass so you stuck (repeat 2X)
You wanna run like a motherfucking bitch
You shouldn't have been no motherfucking snitch (repeat 2X)
My nigga trigger finger startin' to itch (repeat 2X)
You shouldn't have been no motherfucking bitch (repeat 2X)

Too $hort:

Now I don't give a fuck if you fuck the richest bitch on earth
You can be a jiggalo couldn't get more work
Cause I'm a player from way back taught by the best
No hater can fade me
I was short like the rest of y'all half stepping little dicks wanna be big
willie's, you got a bad case of the sillies
In the studio you make believers
In real life you more like the cape crusaders
Rushing to the scene to save them hoes
Everytime they come across them crazy folks
You cuff 'em hurry up and get em' to safety
But sooner or later the bitch gotta face me
Cause I put the game down from the start
And you ain't nothing but a dumb ass mark
Do yo' thing and watch me do mine
Get the bitch on the phone and we'll see who lying, nigga

WHAT! (until fade)

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