Shock G:

The mother fucking funk seesion is about to begin
Crowd around, ladies and gentlemen crowd around
The funk session is about to begin
When I say funk session, i ain't talking about George Clinton
I love that nigger though
I ain't talking about James Brown and Sly Stone
I'm not talking about mother fucking the Time and Prince
(What you talking about?)
We talking about funk session 96 style
96 funk mean a different thing
That means you looked at my woman, and I'm stepping to you
And you about to pull out the gat and try to blow a nigger's brains out

Too Short:

You see we can't along cause we just don't want to
You cross the game and my crew will just stomp you
And sing the ripper, we just say oh well
And the white man keeps on building more jails
I know the system ain't nothing to fool with
Cause you locked up all my homies that I went to school with
And I know damn well you got my name on the list
Cause I'm the one that called your daughter a bitch
Just a black man doin good, you wanna do me
Before you ban rap you need to ban them violent movies
Gangsta rap causes crime, Mike Tyson wrecked the system
Larry Hoover ran a gang in Illinios can't forget
Malcom X taught us knowledge, Martin Luther preached for peace
And every day black men lying dead in the street
So where's the real education, in the hood
Peace to the muslims cause they're doing real good
They're never giving up, on the black folks
We need to buy our own land and try to stack dough
Get rich if you want to, I ain't trying to front you
If Robert Gold want some funk tell him come through
It's been a long night but we're still getting funky
Who opened up the cage and let out the monkey
I heard it when she said it, "You just a dogg Short
like them G's out in South Side Chicago"
I said that's right hoe, I'm from the East O
And I will never spend my money on a six-fo
High performance, is what I'm riding
I got the game from Oakland so I never stop siding
I'm getting money in this criminal's country
Hoe's show me love because my pimping's so lovely
I'm not a role model, unless you trying to mack her
Cause first I am player and second I'm a rapper
Third I'm just a big ass baller
Top notch on my beeper but I still won't call her
Cause I got one with me, And I'm a pimp till I die
Don't be talking to them snitches, you'll get sent on a lie
Doing time in the pen for some backstabbing
I wonder what would happen if they catch em
You burn his balls with a big lighter, get the gasoline
And he'll be smoking like a mother fucking dope fiend
Nowaday's they like to kill your whole crew
For coming to the party and stepping on a shoe
He said excuse me, but it wasn't al-right
So now you want to take his punk ass outside
So you can hit him, and with him
Let his momma bury him in a suit that don't fit 'em
You don't give an F-U-C-K
So just fuck him
Didn't have to shoot him, just walked out and stuck him
Knife up and down all around in his gut
Standing in his blood looked down and said "What's up?"

What's up nigger, Shock G tell 'em like Treach

Shock G:

East coast niggers are the craziest
And West coast niggers are the craziest
And down south niggers are the craziest
It seems like all american niggers are the craziest

It done got out of hand
We don't drink that potion at the white mother fucking masses
Immediate and cooked up for us and now we killing each other
Remember me all, I want everybody to look back
Yo this is Shock G from Digital Underground
I want you to look back right now
We rolling with the Dangerous Crew
I want you to look back when I said
Y'all remember that shit when I said, I said ah
America, Get busy Humpty yeah
The red the white the blue and the blue and red for crips and bloods
The white for whose got you doing time
We busting caps on one another and it never stops
You know it never stops
But you know, that Shock's been searching for someone
Who can rise like Malcom and Farahkan
To straighten you niggers out

Shit they call me MC Blowfish
Back when Digital Underground first started
Say, I was running the whole thing, say
The call me MC Blowfish hey
Yeah, and I kick a little thing like this
I say, I say, I say, I say
Shorty check me out
I say, I say

Now follow as I slip into that butter melody
This is the part Shock takes your heart and leaves you vision blurry
So try to focus on my dope
I suggest that you invest in a telescope
As I come with hella rythem
Move closer to your television
Get your look just like that hooker catch Jay ism
Even with my vocals for your ears, you still couldn't see me though
As I flavor rub this vidy like oregano
I'm slanging them nouns and verbs
You couldn't see me with binoculars
I guess I'm just a little different cause I do love them hoes
Just maybe not the same way I love my niggeros
Cause I love it when they say something fly
The ill caps make me laugh till I cry
Some frys and some freaks and it's on
All night long
I love to see my homies living strong
But then that cook with that cloudy cookbook
Rains salts on another brother's sunny day
I'm wondering if we're really happy here with this lonely G game we play

I said I'm wondering if we're really happy here with this lonely G game we play
Cause it's hella fun here, i'm not going to front on that
Yeah, niggers have booming fun
Flossing and fucking with these hoes and capping niggers
But wheres we heading as a people
Where is we heading
This is the funk session y'all
Check me out
This is Shock G from D-Flow production Squad
Cooling right now with the Dangerous Crew
Yeah I got my man Breed in the house
Breed bought to roll a fatty while my man Shorty B get on the 6 string
And blow your mind, Yeah
I got Pee-Wee in the house
And you know what Pee-Wee said
He said, He said Shock, You know that...(fade out)

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