So what are you sayin Todd?
So what are you sayin Todd?

Ha-ha-ha-ha yeah
$hort Dog still in this mothafucka for the nine-six,
Like this

Here comes the ho with the big nuts,
He's flowin like the breeze
I said here comes the ho with the big nuts,
And he's flowin like a breeze

Too $hort:
This aint Halloween, aint no trick or treat,
You young silly ass hoes can't get shit for free
I give a fuck about what niggas been buyin you,
I'm $hort Dog bitch, I aint tryin to
Get on your good side, you better get with me,
So we can roll in luxury
Around the world, gettin money,
I'm pimpin hoes on Sunday
I'm the kind of nigga you'll work all night fo',
Won't discriminate, I'll pimp a Chinese-White ho
You never seen money with a black man's face,
But I swear mothafucka I done had my taste
Can't slow down, full speed ahead,
I'm laughin at you squares sayin pimpin is dead
They say sex can kill, you catch AIDS and shit,
But the fact stands, hoes get paid from tricks

I'll never let a hoe, pimp me
I'll never let a hoe, pimp me
And all my hoes say (pimp me daddy)

I'll never ever, be pimped again,
I had to be played once to really understand
But I appreciate it, $hort cause I'm related,
I probably stuck game and participated
Got baptised, it wasn't a dream,
Now I'm mackin with the Dangerous Crew, and smokin green
Hit old school playas up, on their help,
And we all decided to take a trip
We on a world tour, checkin our clientele,
Wanna see how much pussy these hoes can sell
Feds say this crew is scandelous,
Wanna charge us all for pimpin and panderin
>From the Mississippi Valley to the A-T-L to Chi-town, Oakland,
These bitches will understand
P-I till the day I D-I-E
Ha-ha you'll never pimp me!!

I'll never let a hoe, pimp me
I'll never let a hoe, pimp me
And all my hoes say (pimp me daddy)

*Sir Captain & Sir Charles Talking*
Sir Charles: Ahh Sir Captain...
Sir Captain: Yeah what's goin on Sir Charles?
Sir Charles: Man what ever happened to that pretty fine bitch
you had the other day?
Sir Captain: Yeah, that old bitch come to me the other day man,
talkin about she wanna do an old pimp, I knocked that
bitch down man, I asked that bitch "What part that you
understand bitch? Because I don't undertstand none of it,
ho, you just a ho to me bitch, you nasty ho ho ho...
Sir Charles: So what you sayin, you never let a bitch pimp you man?
Sir Captain: Never man. Hey Sir Charles, what ever happened to that
expensive broad I seen you with, that little cutie-pie,
that little
baby girl?
Sir Charles: Oh you talkin bout Unique, my little-bitty bitch...
Sir Captain: Yeah, she that little old six-pence lookin girl, you know she
be lookin kinda fine to me...
Sir Charles: Man that girl went to work the other night and brought me $999
off the street...
Sir Captain: You go boy...
Sir Charles: She asked me would I loan her $10 so she can get me a grand,
I said bitch you got to be crazy, go turn another date and
my money in my mothafuckin hand...
Sir Captain: Ah man, aint never pimpin...
Sir Charles: This aint no joke, I'll never let a bitch pimp me...
Sir Captain: Never, never...
Sir Charles: Say man we rollin with this Dangerous Crew...
Sir Captain: Oh yeah, with ol' $hort Dog, he good with the pimpin
Sir Charles: He got ol' Suga Ray and Ace over there
Sir Captain: Now Goldy comin back in here, Goldy comin back in now
Sir Charles: Oh shit, it's gonna be big pimpin in this Atlanta, G-A

I be flippin hoes like a spatula, rakin em in like a new Acura,
Bitin em with this game makin em mines for life like Dracula
It's like hypnosis, I pimps your mother, I pimps yo' sis,
Hoes be nothin but slaves for me, ready to go to their graves for me
I'm lookin for a ho to knock, hit em with a Goldy lock,
Get at the ho, spit at the ho, now I got ho rollin cock
Pimpin aint easy, I went from jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes,
To gators and suits and zebra hats, my pimpin tools, I win or lose
My hoes be bringin me hoes, now I got more hoes than a golf course,
With ass like a soft horse, I get em with game and never with all force
With a pimp stick on a pimp throne, that lazy ho better get goin,
Ho aint workin on Daddy's scratch, she bout to feel the grill of a Cadillac
I was yours when the ho wouldn't leave me, cause an agry ho would decieve me,
But I'm ten G's ahead of that ho, you want your shit better get it and go
But I be laughin with Sir Captain cause he always handle what happen,
Fall in love with the pimpin and gettin ho money and be like fuck this rappin

I'll never let a hoe, pimp me
I'll never let a hoe, pimp me
And all my hoes say (pimp me daddy)

*Sir Captain & Sir Charles Talking Until Fade*
Sir Charles: Hey Captain, aint you glad pimpin aint dead?
Sir Captain: Yeah, one time I thought the pimpin was dead man, all the
bitches of mine ran off, I called the Pimp God right, and he put
me on hold and said his bitch run off. I thought pimpin' was dead
then, but he called back though and said it was all good...

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