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Rage Against the Machine – In My Eyes (Minor Threat cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
I thing song is one of Rages best. You don't get Zac much more angry or self-righteous than this.
The songs about wannabes and confused try hards whether they be drug users ("like the taste"), conforming non-conformers ("want to be different") or apathetic people who've lost the dream of change ("make no difference").

Zac you tell 'em...

System of a Down – Bounce Lyrics 16 years ago
It sounds as if Serg was the lucky bastard to be in an orgy where he was the only male (e.g., just one pogo stick).

System of a Down – Johnny Lyrics 16 years ago
I really don't know what this song is about. But to get the ball rolling: Johnny and Roger are too messed up characters. Johnny is neurotic and Roger is Arrogant. Perhaps its about abusive sex. Eg., Roger gives little self-abusing Johnny (The sweet little boy) a good rogerring...Roger is the dominant partner who has all the control over Johnny's self perception... This could be a paedophilic relationship... Or it might not mean this at all...

System of a Down – CUBErt Lyrics 16 years ago
No know what the song is about but I remember "Cubert" on the Atari 2600. it was funky game back in those days we're you're little character had to change all the characters on a 3D triangle board to a particular colour without getting hit by those pesky snakes. This goes with the "A pyramid mind fuck" lyrics which is similar to the game perhaps...

System of a Down – Soil Lyrics 16 years ago
Not sure if its about teenage suicide, thus Serg is asking God "Why the fuck did you take him away from us". or perhaps its an incident of teenage shooting/murder, thus serg is asking the murderer why they killed his friend.

System of a Down – Know Lyrics 16 years ago
Perhaps its about people wanting to know what happens after death. Flying being a metaphor for either suicide or proposed after-death experience of flying towards to the light.

Incubus – Drive Lyrics 16 years ago
Sounds like an affirmation to live your life on your own terms and not be driven by fear.

System of a Down – ATWA Lyrics 16 years ago
According to SOAD this song is about Charles Manson. I never would have guest.

System of a Down – Science (feat. Arto Tunçboyacıyan) Lyrics 16 years ago
I agree. But perhaps in addition it is implied that society has placed too much importance on scientific knowledge. The result being a loss of spirituality and the environmental devastation that has occurred along with all the industrial and military expansion that has accomanied scientific discovery.

System of a Down – Shimmy Lyrics 16 years ago
I agree with 'clumsiest1'. I think they are talking about how American society and its institutions, namely education, leads to self-centred and generic people. People who just want the same old American Dream, of a big house, a wife, and bit of all-night loving.
Come to think of it: that doesn't sound too bad. Perhaps I've been indoctrinated too....

System of a Down – Deer Dance Lyrics 16 years ago
Yeah, I agree that it is about police brutality. But I'd say it's specifically focussed on situations where peaceful protests are violently treated by riot police/military, etc.
I think it uses the contrasting imagery of little children (teenage/youth protestors) and the fully automatic holding riot police to show how excessive use of force can be taken for granted in a democratic society...

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