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Metallica – The Outlaw Torn Lyrics 20 years ago
ive heard a lot of different meanings for this song but here is the one that hear a lot and read newsted talk about:
its about the band losing cliff burton..and not knowing how to move on from there..and knowing that theyd give anything to have him back..and hoping that they can move on and not feel the pain of cliff dying forever

also, the lyrics were written by the entire band..and newsted did most of the musical arrangment (yay)

Tool – Forty Six & 2 Lyrics 20 years ago
well..i just read a book The Hitchikker's Guide to the Galaxy..and Forty Six & 2 is mentioned in it..and well..sence the book came before the song, i wouldnt be surprised if the idea came from the book~ but thats jsut my stab in the dark~~READ THE BOOK! its good

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