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Blue October – Congratulations Lyrics 12 years ago
Jeez, has everyone been here. No comments, on such a good song. I don't know the backround of this song but, I take that he left her, and now regrets it, she's moved on and seems pretty hung up that he left her. It's a great song, I love that Imogen Heap is a part of this song, it sounds great to me.

Arctic Monkeys – Riot Van Lyrics 12 years ago
Man, gotta love those britts. A riot van is a like a cop car but a van, google image it and you'll see. The song to me, may be a true story, the Van rolls up and it sparks excitement in the boys....they start yelling at the cops, and the cops start to harrass the guys. It also seems like they gave some others a hard time, and were chased by them. and you know how people talk, they get caught. and eventually thats what happened, they were thrown in a riot van. read the song like a story with no music and you'll get it.

Godsmack – Voodoo Lyrics 13 years ago
yeah, every song on this website is about drugs to someone, i am sick of that, however....i feel this song could be about drugs, or well an addiction to something. addictions have control over you, just like vodoo. wheather or not it's from a movie that sully saw years ago, it is still about addictions, and the control they have over a person. and the addiction (vodoo), can be drugs, alcohol, sex, money, anything, this song is really for anyone. i just saw these guys on saturday with MetallicA, and they are GREAT!!!. peace.

Jimmy Eat World – Cautioners Lyrics 13 years ago
it seems this song has differnt meanings for so many differnt ppl. to me this song is about a girl. i started hooking up with this girl, and her ex boyfriend got jelous and wanted her back, and she had to decide. either to go with a way she new, or a new way. first she choose me, then came monday...and she changed her mind, and she left...with hiestance. we both moved on. 3 years later, this song means the same to me, and i still think about what could have been....i fell for her. god these cheesey song comments are like therapy.
TRG i hope you are out there some where.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside Lyrics 16 years ago
have any of you read the lyrics???? im usally the first to say interpret a song for yourself, let it mean what ever you want it to. but some of you are just stupid. this song as nothing to do with drug use, and i hate how people always go right to drugs. it just means they are too stupid to interpret a song. this song is deffently not about suicide or death.
this song is about the guilt of a man cheating on his girlfriend or having an affair. first verse he sees a picture, and it bring up a past memory. the second verse explains how it has plaqued him for so long, "Centuriees". "cemetery were i marry the sea" he explains where he commited the affair. the chorus is asking "how long will i slide", in other words, how long until i get caught or have to admit it. "slit my throat" because it's like suicide to his relationship when he admits it. the third verse he admits it. "pouring is life into a paper cup", "the ashtray's full and im spillin my guts", the ashtray is way of expressing how long and stressfull it is for him. she then asks "am i still a slut", she is asking if he is still like that. the next verse he is talking to his girlfriend/wife, in details, "she's in my bed....". and then out with the chorus.
so there you have it... thats what the song is about, broken down for the retards that dont know how to intrepret lyrics. not everything is about drugs and death.

Tim McGraw – It's Your Love Lyrics 16 years ago
strokes babe 4life--- me and my girl took this song, so ha. j/k, i dont mind sharing such a great song. i think everyone should feel this way when they're in love.

Sarah McLachlan – Sweet Surrender Lyrics 16 years ago
i think this song has a lot to do with a new relationship. i think often a lot of people hold off from real feelings just because they have been hurt in the past. i think sarah is saying that the past experiences dont matter to this next relationship. that he takes her in with no questions asked, stripped of ugliness. even though im a guy, i can relate to this song, ive been hurt, and its hard to open up to the next girl, in fear. but then you find someone that is truly differnt than the others youve dated. sweet surrender. give up all.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 16 years ago
been a zeppelin fan for a long time. i like to know the meanings to songs if im going to listen to them. to me this song means lots of differnt things. one is the paths. we can travel on two paths, one the road to heaven and the other the road to hell. our paths change all the time in our own lifes. the piper is god, and he wants us to "join him." this song is also about death. the lady is dying. shes buying the stairway with her life. at the begining, it says that "shes sure all the glitters are gold" this means that she already sees the light, and shes dying. the sign and the song bird are just there because it begins to paint a picture of heaven. the narrator or singer is looking to the west, and "his spirit is crying for leaving" his soul as left already and he has died too. but his soul his remorse ful or sad for leaving the world. if we ask the piper, being god will help, sort of like a prayer, and god will help you through an other day. two roads you can go by, and before you die, you can change the road you are curently on. "Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him, Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know Your stairway lies on the whispering wind." this is god calling you, and your death. it comes like a wind, it happens that fast. "as we wind on down the road, our shadwos taller than our souls". shadows are tall when the sun is setting, and this is meaning that the sun is setting as we walk down the road, our lifes are coming to an end. and the lady from the begining is in white light, like an angel. "listen very hard the tune will come to you at last." this means everyone will die. we are all as one and to be a rock and not roll is impossible, all of our lifes will come to an end. this song as a lot of symbolism in it, i hope you all see what im saying. the cool thing about symbolism, is there is no wrong or right answer. long live zeppelin.

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