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They Might Be Giants – The Statue Got Me High Lyrics 16 years ago
I would have to say this is one of my faviorite TMBG songs as it appears to be a hilarious commentary on religion. It seems to be an extended metaphor for religion and gods/idols. The song talks about a statue giving a person this feeling of elation and teaching them. The person then goes on to evangelize the "religion of the statue" saying he has seen and experienced its "miracles". He says once you give it a chance you too will see all that it teaches. The statue seems to have become the believers god, which he now worships. It seems the line, "it took my hand, it killed me and it turned me to the sky" is a vague reference about the heaven the statue showed him. This is all rather similar to many of the large religions and may be more specifically about christianity.

They Might Be Giants – I Palindrome I Lyrics 16 years ago
EmothicA, how is that a palindrome by letter? a palindrome by letter is like "race car", when spelled forwards and backwards is the same. That verse spelled backwards is:
"nos I ma elba ehs dias hguoht uoy eracs em hctaw dias i devoleb i dias hctaw em eracs uoy hguoht dias ehs elba ma i nos"
so by letter this isn't a palindrome, as far as i understand!

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