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Radiohead – Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.) Lyrics 16 years ago
space monkeys

Radiohead – Idioteque Lyrics 16 years ago
i think it is about the pop revolution, and in the early seventies when pop and rock seperated and became the mundane electronica and feel good love songy shite fest that modern pop is...(then again no-one agrees with me very much)
hence them hiding it in a dance song...great name, love what they did there...i wonder if the government are watching us now....

Radiohead – Let Down Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah, but hendrix songs are great till about half way through and then it gets boring....johnny doesnt make you listen to him, he's more integral to the band sound...which is important if you are in a band....

i love hendrix, but he was a bit of a show guessing you play guitar, seeing as how you commented, and i'm not one to bash a fellow guitarist...

Radiohead – Ed's Scary Song Lyrics 16 years ago
this is so cool...

'we are plants, happy plants!!!!' listen to him laughing, its great...

Radiohead – Climbing Up the Walls Lyrics 16 years ago
from my booklet, but they seem wrong....

instead of 'it's always best when the light is off' it says
'i am her face when she sleeps tonight' ....:S weird huh?
but, no he doesn't say that, you can hear it...some fucked up printer or thom messing with our heads....more....

and the line 'it's always better on the outside' sells the looney bin idea to song, really great live, did anyone see glastonbury, they rocked...nevermind :(

yeah i know im annoying, but i have nothing better to do...


Muse – Fillip Lyrics 16 years ago
he's going out with an italian girl anyway....

KoЯn – Freak on a Leash Lyrics 16 years ago
right, radiohead are the greatest band ever, and muse, cooper temple clause, jeff buckley and moby also fucking rule, i dont get it, this song is cool and got the life, but does anyone listen to bands that know more than three chords....
well i guess if u get a kick out of it, good for you, i can't slag you off, but i'll see you on the other side...

seriously, if u've heard any of the stuff and hate it, i apologise, but check out some radiohead and definately some muse and cooper...

this post is completely pointless, but most are on here i think...

Radiohead – I've Seen It All (Featuring Bjork) Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah, i love the harp when thom sings us into the main bit at the beginning, i think it's just an argument probably....super cool

Jeff Buckley – Grace Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah this song changed my life, this and so real...genius

Radiohead – Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.) Lyrics 16 years ago
ok, sorry guys, i wasnt trying to offend anyone...

Radiohead – Sail to the Moon. (Brush the Cobwebs Out of the Sky.) Lyrics 16 years ago
erm, for the record it starts with:

'i sucked the moon'

don't know why he sucked it...anyone?

Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place Lyrics 16 years ago
right, sorry, i totally agree with him, i just dont think he shud say everyone else is know? i mean people can have their own interpretations, even if his is the most interesting and probably most accurate...

Radiohead – Morning Bell/Amnesiac Lyrics 16 years ago
i am confused, i sadly dont have kid a, is it that different?

Radiohead – A Punchup at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No) Lyrics 16 years ago
oh, and did anyone notice this on the album? 'I Will' ends on the same (musical) note as 'A Punch-up...' and is linked by a beat that sounds like its the same song until you look at the track number and the remember the bass intro...and then, the way the end of this song and the start of 'myxomatosis' is timed, it sounds like a break in the music before it takes a heavier turn.

so very deceptively, you can listen to these songs as one track.

Its kind of interesting, as I Will seems to be about determination, before the whole hypocritical response (which fits second guesser's interpretation too, i think)...and myxomatosis kind of starts with a confident 'mongrel cat' (i.e product of two different breeds/ or an idea bred of two different voices) before he becomes ill and weak with myxomatosis, despite it being a rabbit disease...

i'm probably o/d'd on the album in this one actually, it stinks a bit of bull shit, but it sounds vaguely interesting...

Radiohead – Kid A Lyrics 16 years ago
sorry, but i just can't see thom and his cronies skinning up, i cannot conjure up that image. i bet everyone who says radiohead lyrics spring entirely from drug induced trips is on drugs.

Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out) Lyrics 16 years ago
i recall thom saying something to the effect of...'all radiohead songs, no matter how bleak, always have a resolution, an optimism, a ray of hope at the end...this one doesn't'...and i think thats what makes it so haunting, that there is no hope in this song.

resoundingly beautiful, absolute genius.

Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place Lyrics 16 years ago
exit music is on ok computer

Radiohead – A Punchup at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No) Lyrics 16 years ago
lol, thanks, but i like second quesser's interpretation... i like the hammerheaded sharks thing though, cos sometimes a hammer-head looks like it has two heads almost, or two sides to its head at least, which all ties in with everything. glorious.

i just got hail to the thief...................its.......its just radiohead beign amazing again.

BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radiohead – Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.) Lyrics 16 years ago
oh cool, if u are saying sorry about the raindrops thing to me then dont dont mind, it's nice to know what thom says as opposed to my rattling on about any old thing

(if u werent talking to me, ignore me)...

Radiohead – There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.) Lyrics 16 years ago
do you like this song, by any chance Jove?

Muse – Sunburn Lyrics 16 years ago
in the video don't they use mirrors a lot? it could be about seeing someone else in the mirror, which ties in with the false confidence and insecurities.

also i'm pretty sure it's 'come waste your millions here, secretly she sneers...'.

perhaps about also, the sun is always there and you can't do anything, you can only get burnt. like maybe death, you can't stop it, you just have to accept it...

i dunno, nobody agrees with me on this kind of thing, i just have nothing better to do

Radiohead – Let Down Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree with the boredom stuff, i think it's about having nothing artistic or inspired to give to the world. of course radiohead tell us this in one of the most artistic, inspired and beautifully crafted ever written. thom yorke is better than lennon and dylan and jonny would kick hendrix ass any day i think when they make songs like this.

but most of all its about having nothing to do, i think, which i can relate to

Radiohead – Creep Lyrics 16 years ago
creep is great, but be serious it's one of radiohead's most uninspired

Radiohead – Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.) Lyrics 16 years ago
this song seems to be structured like a war that sprung from political manipulation and the act of exercising power.

'Sit down, stand up...' could be a reference to the inconsistencies of a regime (esp. the Nazi's, who were renowned for changing their policies to suit the requirements of the masses). triggering pretentious peace keeping states to interfere, which they shud rightly, i suppose.

'walk into the jaws of hell...' is pretty obvious if you take the war perspective. it's like invasion of a hell that you are goin to liberate (very Bush, if he can spell it) or going into a culture you dont understand and make hell for it (again, ironically, very bush and blair, or beavis and butt-head, as they should be known).

'We can anytime....We can wipe you out...' i'm not going to insult your intelligence any further.

'The rain drops...' could be about the rain washing away the blood, the mud, the conflict...the mistakes (?) or..........
it could be about the return of a regime from obscurity or hiding, or maybe about terrorism. you know? you can create hell for these people, but the rain is still gunna drop on you. your like putting yourself in the position for a soaking.

but for some reason, the song creates an image in my head (like any radiohead song) of it raining up until the crazy part (which fucking rocks) and it stops suddenly as it breaks into the electronic orgasm it seems to be having.

Radiohead – The Bends Lyrics 16 years ago
when a scuba diver has 'the bends' he/she gets oxygen bubbles in his/her blood vessels. so it could be about getting too much of what you need to the point that it's harmful or uncomfortable, maybe just replace oxygen with love or friendship (hence the girlfriend/friends references) and maybe its about wanting to be alone for a bit. it might be a metaphor for that.

of course, i might be wrong.

Radiohead – A Punchup at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No) Lyrics 16 years ago
You know when you have one of those days and you can't stop beating yourself up inside? Kind of like the angel and devil on either shoulder, but more like internal and external. The way your mind mocks your actions because its not afraid to think them but you are afraid to do them.
I think the 'No, No, No....' is one of two things. Either the internal (the mind) is mocking the way the external handled a situation prior to the beginning of the song, or is shouting it while he's fumbling and falling in the situation. That or he's walking away saying 'no no no no...' in despair.
What follows seems to me to be a conversation between the two sides of the mind. the one that thinks and the one that makes decisions, and this is where the two voices seprate and becomes two feuding sides of the same internal voice.

'I dont know why you bother' states the cynical side, to which the other replies 'nothing's ever good enough for you' like a bickering couple. It's like, ok you can think all you want but im the only one making decisions round here!
I'm pissed that they arent releasing this, as the video woudl be great, thom walkign around talkign to himself. (mind you i dont know if anyone agrees).

This continues with 'I WAS there' you know ' and it wasnt like that'
to which the decision making part replies 'you've come here just to start a fight'

and so this continues

I'm guesing the parade, the wedding, the big day is all about feeling great, high human emotion and all that shit and it being ruined by your 'hypocritical' inner voice, reminding of you of your regrets and your mistakes as if questioning: what right do you have to enjoy anything, you've screwed up so much, why should you have fun, experience love and other such feelings?

i think from the 'piss on our parade' bit is the decision part again, arguing that all you do is spoil my mood.

there are a number of things i picked out in the additional lyrics where the external come back into it
'im sick of all your bullshit.
im sick of all these fucking mindgames' and takes over, telling the voices to stop beating him up.

with the beautifully sardonic remark 'who invited you anyway?' questions why are you in my head, and surely i would be better off without you.

look over this, this is just pretentious bull-shit and im sure radiohead had no intention of remarking on the human mind and such issues as regret.

anyway, please tel me if you think i'm just being foolish, and comment on anything...
thank you

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