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Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song Lyrics 12 years ago
How do you delete lyrics?

This entry should not be here.

The correct title is "The Rain Song " NOT "Rain Song"!!!

Led Zeppelin – Tea for One Lyrics 12 years ago
Agree with the similarities between this and SIBLY. One thing that is different is the acoutic quality - SIBLY is not as good as TFO - not surprising given that they were released 6 years apart. TFO almost sounds as if Led Zep are in the same room. SIBLY sounds like a recording.

Of the two, I think I prefer TFO.

Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore Lyrics 14 years ago
Sandy Denny is the only guest artist to have appeared on a Led Zeppelin track.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir Lyrics 14 years ago
To jimmer-the-great: You are unfortunately not alone, but please don't show us your ignorance again:

"3 The lyrics talk about a lost Shangrala, which is in Kashmir."

If you had an ounce of education you would know that no such place called Shangrala (sic) nor Shangri-La which I presume you mean. Shangri-La is a made-up place and represents utopia or paradise. It comes from an imaginary land in James Hilton's 'Lost Horizon'.

Besides this error, you made another, which if you were a true Led Zep fan you would not have done: The lyrics do not mention a "lost Shangrala". In fact, the word "lost" does not even appear in the lyrics.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir Lyrics 16 years ago
I am shamed by how many ignorant and puerile comments on these pages.


1. Kashmir is NOT in Africa, it is in India, North-West to be exact.

2. It is NOT a town or city, it is a region or more correctly, a state. Officially 'Jammu and Kashmir', the capital is Srinagar.

3. Ownership of the area has been in dispute between India & Pakistan since the end of British rule in 1947. (Independance)

4. It IS near the Himalayas which are mostly in China, Nepal, Bhutan and partly in India. The region is mostly mountainous, The Zaskar Mountains and Panjal Range as well as part of the Ladakh Range and Karakoram Range to the North.

5. Kashmir is also a type of fine wool that obviously comes from the sheep that are in the region.

6. Kashmir was originally titled "Driving to Kashmir"

7. It was written while on the road from Goulimine to Tantan in south Morocco (Spanish Sahara).

8. The inspiration for the lyrics came from the fact that the road went on and on with sandrock ridges two miles to the east and west of the road.

9. It is one of Plant's favourites together with 'In The Light'

10. The surviving members all consider Kashmir to be _the_ quitessential Led Zeppelin.

* This information can be up to 15 minutes delayed.
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