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Belle & Sebastian – I'm a Cuckoo Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't think this has to do with adultery at all. I think the term cuckoo refers simply to this guy going crazy of the girl he just broke up with and is still in love with. He's having crazy dreams about her, "not thinking right today," etc. They are still amicable, but he wants her back, but it's all over now so he has to let her go. Just my two cents.

George Michael – I Want Your Sex Lyrics 16 years ago
Eh, I'm not so sure about this one, bilnit. Your interpretation seems too shallow for someone like George Michael. I'm sure there's some sort of underlying philosophical or political meaning to this one.

George Harrison – What Is Life Lyrics 16 years ago
One of my alltime favorites :)

Rod Stewart – Maggie May Lyrics 17 years ago
I absolutely am in love with this song! Everything about it terrific. It reminds me of "The Graduate" in an odd way. Too bad Rod sold out later on... he has such potential!

The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody Lyrics 17 years ago
Mark another one up for "the greatest love song ever written." Complete perfection...

Vanessa Williams – Saved The Best For Last Lyrics 17 years ago
The sound is pretty, but the lyrics are pretty horrible in my very humble opinion. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't stand them!

Don Henley – The End of the Innocence Lyrics 17 years ago
I too love this song so much! One of my friends heard it was an allegory about Ronald Reagan ("daddy") and his scandals. It uses a love story to describe that there comes a time when you realize the perfection you have seen as an innocent child is an illusion, that things are not always what they seem.

Has anyone else heard that? Or is my friend crazy?

Jackson Browne – Doctor My Eyes Lyrics 17 years ago
I have no idea but I love this song!!

Third Eye Blind – Darwin Lyrics 17 years ago
Just like to be the nerby biology student and say he's got his evolutionism mixed up. Chromosomes multiply or replicate, THEN they divide, not the other way around.

Wow I'm such a geek.

Don McLean – American Pie Lyrics 17 years ago
Tmeg- In my humble opinion that is a very accurate interpretation! The references to Bob Dylan are especially well-explained, especially to the noter above who believes "the joker" has nothing to do with Dylan.

I personally believe the "father, son and the holy ghost" represent religion and spirituality "going west"- selling out and being used for purely materialistic modes.

My dad thinks the "marching band" does in fact refer to the Kent State protesters, but I think it more directly refers to the Beatles, especially because of the word Seargant.

Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin' Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree- outstanding song!

I like the Simon and Garfunkel version though- it can be found on the Wednesday Morning, 3 AM LP and no where else. highly underrated!

Billy Joel – The Longest Time Lyrics 17 years ago
Must be one of the greatest and yet highly underrated love songs ever! :)

Billy Joel – Only The Good Die Young Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah it is more about sex, in my opinion. It's about anyone who follows blindly a teaching (I think specificially Joel uses religious doctrine) without looking beyond it ("the stained glass curtain you're hiding behind / never lets in the sun").

It does have sexual overtones of course, but that is the beauty of the song- its many layers and ambiguous meanings :)

Paul Simon – The Boy in the Bubble Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree, Emma!

I think this song is fairly straight forward- the fast-paced life we live in today and the exciting yet disturbing and often misused technological advances ("lasers in the jungle"). I'm not sure if he's lauding or chastising this new world- perhaps just issuing a warning.

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree much with what Anakin says, but I think it's more of a song of the plight of the middle-aged. The man looks around and wonders what has become of him, why isn't he where he's supposed to be, with a wife and kids and happy?

He looks for happiness and meaning, only to find "hints and allegations" in a less-than-reputable place, so he continues to wander. He finds "angels in the architecture" and believes this is Nirvana- this is what it's all about. I interpreted the last stanza as the futile attempts of a lost person to find spiritual meaning in somethign superficial, they believe they've found God but it is in fact simply a statue and nothing more.

Paul Simon – Loves Me Like a Rock Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm flailing to figure out the meaning behind this song.

Is it biblical/spritual? Is "mama" God or moral conscience? Satirical? Or maybe it's just very straightforward and means what it says...

The Who – Squeeze Box Lyrics 17 years ago
It seems to be more sophosticated than that....? I have no idea. Maybe sexual overtones? (when in doubt, it probably has to do with sex :)

Simon and Garfunkel – America Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm not sure what else to say about this song, except that it's truly a beautiful one, and very touching! I feel it refers to the elusive American Dream, the promise young people are assured as they set out on the world that they can conquer anything. A theme seen throughout the works of Hemmingway, Fiztgerald, and Kerouac, it is merely that: a dream. As the two lovers here progress on their journey, they run out of cigarettes, they grow bored, and they go to sleep. There is nothing left to do but count the cars in the turnpike, who are of couse all doing what they are doing- looking for America.

Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence Lyrics 17 years ago
I interpret this song slightly different.

I feel it is an allusion to Plato's "Allegory of the Cave." While the ideas of commercialism (the people bow and pray to a neon god they made, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, etc) run throughout the poem, it also has to do with a frustration the narrator feels with humans in general. They are content to "hear without listening," not willing or interested in focusing on anyone or anything too intently. They are not willing to go beyond the superficial, but merely to accept the world around them, as no one "dares disturb the sounds of silence."

The allusion comes into play in the beginning, as the narrator has a revelation, a vision, that awakes him from this superficial, merely shadowed world. He rises, walks alone as the man in Plato's story did, and he sees the light. He tries to tempt others out of the cave of ignorance and look beyond teh surface of things, but his "words like silent raindrops" fall. His attempts are futile.

That's what I got out of the song, my two cents ^_^ An amazing song no matter how you interpret it!

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