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Eminem – Crack A Bottle Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeh me too natasha... Hopefully when the album comes out we'll see at least one single on the same level as toy soldiers or yeh.. hmm If all else fails, Detox is coming - and if that's no good i'll cry.!!

Snow Patrol – Take Back the City Lyrics 11 years ago
Lyrics corrected! Love this song.. I love how Snow Patrol can go from awesome up beat songs like this one, to equally (if not more) awesome down tempo songs like Set Down Your Glass.

A Hundred Million Suns is such a good album.

Sunny Day Real Estate – 5/4 Lyrics 11 years ago
Test reply

This Beautiful Mess – Overexposed Lyrics 11 years ago
another reply

Naturally Seven – Wall of Sound Lyrics 12 years ago
These guys are amazingly talented.

Snoop Dogg – Can't Say Goodbye Lyrics 12 years ago
Definitely the best track off Ego Trippin' by a long shot. A track which reflects on snoops life, where he has come from, and the artist and man he has grown into today.

Fantastic song.

Origa – Inner Universe Lyrics 12 years ago
This is one of the most amazingly beautiful acoustic (lyrics aside) music pieces i have ever heard..

Takes me to another world everytime i listen to it.

Hilltop Hoods – City Of Light Lyrics 13 years ago
The line about "home of the serial killer" relates to Adelaide as particularly in the past it has been known as a state with a number of serial killers/murders.

I remember this was compounded a few years back when a British documentary (i think) labelled Adelaide as the "murder capital of the world".... They later re-aired the docco with the lines cut out because of the negative backlash it caused. Whether this actually did any good is debatable.

Clearly Adelaide is not the murder capital of the world, and clearly this song is awesome!

Nelly – Country Grammar (hot Shit) Lyrics 13 years ago
I just recently came across a mashup of this song and Sweet Home Alabama. Usually i despise mashups as they can often take an absolute classic and crush it into the dirt, and sweet home alabama is certainly a classic.
However, as much respect as Sweet Home Alabama deserves, it was definitely one of the best mashups i've ever heard!
Awesome stuff!

Snoop Dogg – That's That Shit Lyrics 13 years ago
Thankyou! Done.

Cate – So different Lyrics 13 years ago
This would have to be my favorite of yours so far!... I guess the guy/person you wrote this about must be pretty special!

Fantastic work as always Cate! You're one very talented girl.

Jurassic 5 – Work It Out Lyrics 14 years ago
Definitely my fave off the new album (feedback).. And what an awesome album it is!!! Only a few dud tracks in my opinion..

But anyway Jurassic fail to dissapoint with this awesome chillout track! Great vocals with Dave Matthews doing the chorus.

Hilltop Hoods – Stopping All Stations Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah this is definately a lyrical masterpiece... Such a sad story told from the 3 different people of how the old man gets stabbed in the end.. all for 2 dollars and and a pension card....

Also love it at the start how its got the Adelaide train station voice... Representing Adelaide!

Hilltop Hoods – Clown Prince Lyrics 14 years ago
I corrected the lyrics!.. Awesome fist single from their new album.. ahhh i just can't get over how good their new album is!!!!

GWAR – Slaughterama Lyrics 14 years ago
Lyrics Corrected.
SM Moderator

Daphne and Celeste – U.G.L.Y. Lyrics 14 years ago
Hahahaha glad to see i've got just as many fans on songmeanings as Daphnie and Celeste do.. Thanks Sholaaa lol!

Blackalicious – Paragraph President Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeh, Jurassic 5 are awesome ay!!! They often feature in each others songs, especially like Charlie 2na... Classic stuff!

The Album Leaf – Twenty Two Fourteen Lyrics 14 years ago
It's posted because instrumentals are allowed, and for comments such as the one just above yours!

Eminem – When I'm Gone Lyrics 14 years ago
I think that perhaps eminem maybe finally giving a hint to the roumers about his retirement, in this song.

"I turn around, find a gun on the ground
Cock it, put it to my brain
Scream Die Shady!, and pop it"

This part particularly makes me think he might be laying down his carrer as Slim Shady, possibly to concentrate more on being a record producer and father..

Eminem is obviously also saying how guilty he feels for not being there for Hailie , and not allowing her to have a proper "Mother and Father"..

Once again another fantastic song by Eminem!

Infusion – Girls Can Be Cruel Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is definately one of the better club songs.. Could listen to this over and over! Love it!

Regurgitator – The Drop Lyrics 15 years ago
Cheers for that.. Corrected

Jurassic 5 – Swing Set Lyrics 15 years ago
no joke natasha, this song is just asking you to get up and dance!

The Album Leaf – Twenty Two Fourteen Lyrics 15 years ago
Definately one of the most amazing instrumentals i've ever heard!

The Game – Dreams Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeh, one of The Games better songs, although he does have a number of good ones... The ending of the song really sums up the whole 'dream' theme... RIP..

Moby – Lift Me Up Lyrics 15 years ago
Edited it again, hopefully everything is correct now...

Blackalicious – Paragraph President Lyrics 15 years ago
Thanks corrected, know any of the others... i love this song, the beat is unbeatable... The first line is freaken awesome!

Lazaro's Dog – Home Entertainment System Lyrics 15 years ago
Friggen awesome song about one AWESOME home entertainment system!

Blackalicious – 4000 Miles (ft. Chali 2na) Lyrics 15 years ago
what you mean 'i mean a tribe called quest'???...

Trick Daddy – Represent Lyrics 15 years ago
Phat song mo' fo'!...
"Dont be scared too represent"!

Jem – Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it was just a bug in the comment scrip... The problem should all be fixed now... (test: i'm whoe's didn't)

Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night Lyrics 15 years ago
farkin' awesome song, "It’s a wonderful night
You’ve gotta take it from me" damn straight :-P

Moby – Lift Me Up Lyrics 15 years ago
Yer that does sound more correct... Lyrics edited.. Only the submitter, admins and moderators can edit lyrics.

If you see a lyric that is incorrect feel free to suggest corrections in the "Report Thread" on the forums.

Hilltop Hoods – Laying Blame Lyrics 15 years ago
Ditto... absolutely awesome lyrics... gotta say my favortie would have to be the sentinal for lyrics and song, but laying blame is just something else, fantastic stuff!

Moby – Lift Me Up Lyrics 15 years ago
lyrics edited :-D...

Awesome song..

Shifty – Slide along side Lyrics 15 years ago
tis' actually a pretty catchy song, great catchy lyrics..

Delta Goodrem – Almost Here Lyrics 15 years ago
Prolly cos the song was only just released on single...
I gotta admit it is a pretty good song from the 'couple'.

The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize Lyrics 15 years ago
awesome song, definately a hit in the house/club/dance scence.

P.O.D. – Youth Of The Nation Lyrics 15 years ago
Please play nice or you will bear the consequences. Any more wars or arguments and your comments will be removed.

The Game – How We Do Lyrics 15 years ago
cheers for that, corrected.

Guy Sebastian – Angels Brought Me Here Lyrics 15 years ago
lol Regos.. Sorry forgot to include those in my post ;-)

John Butler Trio – Something's Gotta Give Lyrics 15 years ago
Another fantastic song by the trio! (cant help but love the lyrics)

Scribe – Dreaming Lyrics 15 years ago
2nd that... Prolly one of my favorite songs by the NewZealand band...

Finley Quaye – Dice Lyrics 15 years ago
i'd have to say that final scenes of that episode is possible the best tv scene i've ever seen..
Everytime i play this song, i just sit back and relax.. I truly rate this song!

Anthony Callea – The Prayer Lyrics 15 years ago
hehehe the lyrics are in both italian and in the last stanza eg
E la fede che
hai acceso in noi,
sento che ci salvera
It's the faith
you light in us
I feel it will save us..

The lyrics are hard to sing along too (read out) because of the layout the person has chosen..

Anthony Callea – The Prayer Lyrics 15 years ago
Such a powerful song, covered by callea perfectly!

Hilltop Hoods – The Sentinal Lyrics 15 years ago
probably my favorite of all of hilltops songs i've heard so far!
"Walked to the bar as the tender looks right through me I said
Excuse me, he replied I tones as if he talked about me not to me" ~~ Best line!

Joel Turner – These Kids Lyrics 15 years ago
Yer Joel and his brother and cusin are the three stars, and apprently his brother, (dub Lt) wrote it:
"I wrote These Kids after one of my mates committed suicide," Dub LT says. "That's what I was thinking about."
This song has quite an emotional background too it as you can see, rather than a lot of other bullshit hiphop!

Beastie Boys – An Open Letter To NYC Lyrics 15 years ago
Saw them sing it on the European MTV Music awards.. Great song!

Shapeshifters – Lola's Theme Lyrics 15 years ago
awsome dance/club song!

Regurgitator – The Drop Lyrics 15 years ago
have to agree with you punker, absolutely stupid lyrics, but it does have a fantasticly catchy tune.

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